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colin topp

Colin builds up an image / shape / colour in his mind, and then releases it onto the canvas in an outpouring of energy and emotion. The colours are overlayed and interwoven to produce a canopy that depicts the raw Australian land.

The final outcome is not always what was originally conceived but it is a subconscious expression of his thoughts and feelings and how he sees the image in his mind. The process will be repeated until the final image reveals itself.

Colin’s art is full of emotion, energy and expression. He sees it as a journey through and around the canvas. When you look at the finished painting you see things below the surface that appear to be suspended and are not apparent at the first look.

This is part of the joy of discovery. Colin encourages people to lay their hands on the canvas to feel the texture of the surface, which only adds to the experience.

Colin’s aim is to create visual and physical stimulation for the viewer through his images.

Colin travelled to New York in the 1990’s to study the art of Abstract Expressionists and especially Jackson Pollock. He was taught how to plan and formulate a painting in his mind, how to use colour to express mood and how to harness emotion and energy to convey passion and feeling on the canvas.

Examples of Colin’s work appear above and below with many more paintings at one hundredth gallery until 11 September 2011.

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