calling all emerging artists

After many many many years of walking the corporate walk and talking the corporate talk, I have thrown it all in to pursue a personal dream.  More importantly, I have thrown it all in to assist others to pursue their dreams.

I’m opening an art gallery in Prahran, Victoria in early 2011.  One hundredth gallery will be a small fifty square metre space that will be divided into three compact and intimate 3m x 5m rooms.

Unlike most art galleries, one hundredth gallery will focus on exhibiting emerging artists.

Unlike most art galleries, one hundredth gallery won’t charge exorbitant commissions to display artists’ work.

Rather, we have something different planned so please stay tuned as one hundredth gallery aims to turn the gallery world on its head.

I was an emerging artist once… but I never really emerged!  During my twenties, I had three public art exhibitions (two group and one solo) and also have some prints on permanent display somewhere  in Japan… they were a gift from me/my high school to a visiting Japanese delegation.

All of this gave me some confidence to try and pursue a career in the arts, so I started approaching galleries in and around Melbourne.  On each occasion, I was asked three questions…

  1. Where have you exhibited before?
  2. What is the average price of your work?
  3. How much work have you sold at that price?

Most art galleries are commercial operations that exist to make as much money as possible.  Sales = Commissions = Profits.  The bigger the price, the bigger commission.

In my opinion, there is a huge problem with this approach.  Artists need to start somewhere.  Artists need to build their CVs and the value of their work over time.

This is where one hundredth gallery aims to bridge the gap.  I hope you will join me on this journey to uncover our emerging artists and to provide them with a place to exhibit their talent.