one hundredth gallery has moved!

one hundredth gallery is an easy-going and enjoyable exhibition space dedicated to the exhibition and sale of artwork by aspiring and emerging artists. We also work with established artists who are trying something new.

After two years in Prahran, we have moved one hundredth gallery to a much bigger space at 200 Normanby Road, South Melbourne.

We have partnered with the kind people at Sidearm Cafe and are using their adjacent 500sqm room as our new exhibition space. Not only is the space ten times bigger than our previous gallery space; you will now be able to enjoy some breakfast or lunch with your art!

Entrance to the new gallery is via Sidearm and our opening hours will initially be the same as the cafe’s, Monday to Friday 7am – 4pm.

We look forward to seeing you soon at our new space.

Artists – submissions for the new gallery space are now open!


we have moved

one hundredth gallery is moving!

We are very excited to announce that after two years in Prahran, we will be relocating one hundredth gallery to a much bigger space in South Melbourne in early 2013.

We are partnering with a cafe and will be using their adjacent 500sqm room as our new exhibition space. Not only is the space ten times bigger than our current gallery; our guests will be able to duck next door to enjoy some breakfast or lunch!

Our Prahran gallery space will be open until Sunday 23 December 2012 before closing to the public. We will announce our new address and opening hours in January.

Until then, we would like to thank you for ongoing support and wish you and your families and friends a very Merry Christmas and the best possible start to 2013!

one hundredth gallery is for everyone new to art


merry christmas & happy new year!

closed 12th – 16th october

We’ll be taking the opportunity to close and repaint the gallery next week (12th – 16th october) as we’re between exhibitions.

Our current photography exhibition ends this weekend, with all 40+ artworks by 6 artists being taken down at 5pm on Sunday. It’s your last chance to see works by Keith Melder, Christopher Smith, Morgana Creely, Jeff Paine, Alana Aphoy, and Natalie Morawski.

Our next exhibition is also a photographic one; however it will be presented in 3-parts.

  • Part 1 by Andrea Drury will start open on 19 October
  • Part 2, also by Andrea Drury will start open on 26 October
  • Part 3 by Georgia Laughton will also open on 26 October

This new exhibition examines Camino Seguro ‘safe passage’ in Guatemala (Part 1), post-refugee life in Australia (Part 2), and over-fishing of our oceans (Part 3).

Please stay tuned for details…


want your own gallery for a week or four?

Before I get into that, we will be closed this weekend (Friday 16/9 – Sunday 18/9) in preparation for our next exhibition. It’s an all-photography show by 6 artists and starts on Wednesday 21/9; with the opening night on Friday 23/9 at 6.30pm. You’re all welcome!

Now, back to the question at hand. Do you want your own gallery to run for a week, two, three or four? Pop-up style?

I won’t be around in January so I’m looking for artists/curators that I can hand the gallery keys to. Not just to look after, but to run as your very own space.

And no, it’s not for free… but it’s also not at our normal rates! For $550 per week you can have all 30.7 metres of hanging space and 50sqm of floor space for yourself, a group, or to curate a show on behalf of other artists.

That’s less than half of what you would pay for a pop-up space in Prahran, and only a third of our normal rates!

I’ll give you the keys and the alarm code and the rest will be up to you… the full end-to-end running of the gallery. You will have the option of opening our standard hours or whenever you want to (between our permitted hours) 7 days per week.

If you are an aspiring or emerging artist or curator, why not start 2012 by meeting your new year’s resolution in the very first month of the year?!

Please call me on 0413 00 1234 or email me at to discuss further.  As one hundredth gallery is still my baby, only the best submission/s will be considered. Preference will be given to artists and curators that have not exhibited before.

Please express your interest asap, as this offer is on a first come/first served basis.  To give everyone enough time I’d like to make a final decision by 31 October.

new hours

To coincide with our new print advertising in the Melbourne Weekly Magazine, we will be extending our opening hours during the next couple of months.

Our new opening hours are –

  • wednesday to friday / 11.00am – 7.00pm
  • saturday and sunday / 12.00pm – 5.00pm

one hundredth gallery just got better

One of the major benefits of being a small business is the ability to change quickly when necessary, and when people ask nicely. There are no committees to run proposals past and no boards to seek approval from.

Whilst we have only been around for 6 months, and only 1 month in our physical gallery we are very keen to adapt to what artists are asking for; so long as it does not dramatically change our raison d’être.

With this in mind, I’m pleased to announce that we will now take artist bookings for one-week exhibitions, rather than having a fortnightly minimum.  As you would expect, this also brings the cost down considerably… to as low as $65 for an exhibition wall! Discounts of 15% will be offered to artists who exhibit for 2 or more weeks, OR who choose to book an entire room or rooms within the gallery.

Weekly exhibitions will run for 4 days, Thursday to Sunday and will be supported with website, facebook, twitter, and Art Almanac promotion. We will consult with artists on all other promotion requirements.

one hundredth gallery is dedicated to the exhibition and sale of artwork by aspiring and emerging artists, and we also work with established artists who are trying something new.

We hope that by offering the option of weekly exhibitions, that we will be able to provide the opportunity of artwork exhibition to a greater number of artists.

Details of our new pricing can be found here.

open book – how much does a gallery cost?

I’ve been quite conflicted about writing this post as it relates to a taboo subject… money.  As a culture, we don’t talk about money or our finances unless we absolutely have to.  And even then, it is usually to someone like a bank manager or a partner.

I’ve recently been reflecting on the purpose of this blog.  It is about documenting my journey and being able to share it with you.  With this in mind, it is only fair that I open my books and share the financial side of one hundredth gallery with you.

There is another reason for my sharing.  Up until now, everything I have done has been for free, including the Grand Opening Exhibition.  However, logically this can’t continue as I don’t have an endless supply of funds.  After reading the financials below, you will see that one hundredth gallery is my ‘passion project’ for aspiring and emerging artists and is not a business that is ever going make me rich; well at least not in the financial sense of the word.

Start Up Costs
·        Floors 3,400
·        Walls 5,000
·        Lighting 3,200
·        Hanging 820
·        Council 1,000
·        Furniture 2,500
·        Interest 8,550
·        Running Costs (Bills) 2,700
·        Total 27,170
Monthly Costs
·        Interest 1,710
·        Council Rates 100
·        Body Corp 170
·        Electricity 200
·        Water 100
·        Advertising 100
·        Insurance 100
·        Total 2,480
Potential Monthly Income
·        Rental 6,088 (100 per metre per fortnight)
Forecast Monthly Income
·        Rental 4,262 (based on renting out 70% of the wall space)
·        Commission (10%) 300 (based on 3,000 worth of work selling per month)
·        Total 4,562
Forecast Profit (before tax)
2,082 per month
24,984 per year

So, there you have it!  My forecasted profit, which is also my forecasted salary is just under $25,000 per year before tax.

However, before I actually make any money, it will take over 13 months to recover my start up costs.

As with any financial planning, there are a number of variables at play with all of these numbers.  If the gallery wall space rents at less than 70%, then I will make less than $25,000.  On the flip side, if 100% of the gallery space rents out, then I will make a $47,000 profit/salary before tax… Look out seaside mansion in Brighton, here I come!

Commission is another variable; however one hundredth gallery is dedicated to increasing the exposure of aspiring and emerging artists, giving them the opportunity to build their CVs. If we do sell artwork, it will be at a lower price point, and 10% commission on a low number is a much lower number.

The last major variable is the interest rate.  For every 0.25% they go up, $750 per year is added to my costs.

So the lesson here is, don’t open an art gallery for aspiring and emerging artists if you want to make money.  Open an art gallery for aspiring and emerging artists for the love of art and to help a segment of our community get a head start.

I hope you have found this post interesting, and I hope that you will tell your aspiring and emerging artist friends about one hundredth gallery.

Our success and ability to support aspiring and emerging artists well into the future depends on it!

sneaky pics of our first exhibition

With our permit issued last Tuesday, it has been full steam ahead!

  • The window sign-writing has been completed as per your vote.
  • Furniture has been delivered and assembled, although some of it is a bit suspect!
  • Nine artists have been confirmed for the ‘grand opening’ exhibition.
  • Work has been delivered by eight of them with the final artworks arriving tomorrow.

We’ll be open to the public from 12.00pm next Friday 27 May 2011.

The grand opening group exhibition by Brian Mangano, Janicke Johansen, Michell Guo, Mark Hammon, Wolfgang Glowacki, Pete Goodlet, Mark Harman, Kylie Mouat, and Kate Hursthouse, will run until 26 June 2011.

Please drop by to say hi and so that we can both put some faces to names!

For those of you that may not be able to make it, here are some super sneaky pics that I took earlier today whilst curating my first exhibition.