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The one hundredth gallery showcase is on until Sunday 29 April.

We are currently exhibiting over 60 artworks by 23 artists and we would like you to take a minute to choose your favourite artwork. We don’t yet have a prize to offer to the artist/s with the most votes (sponsors welcome!), but it is another great way for us to provide feedback to our wonderful aspiring and emerging artists.

There are three ways for you to vote for your favourite artwork –

  1. Drop into the gallery to see the works in person and to cast your vote
  2. Click on the artwork that you like ( and then click the facebook ‘like’ button below it
  3. Click on the artwork that you like ( and then click on the tweet button below it

Voting closes at 6pm on Sunday 29 April and the people’s favourite will be announced shortly after.

one hundredth gallery is for everyone new to art

49 porter street prahran

between greville st and commercial rd

open | friday – sunday 11am – 6pm


invitation | utter silence | 5 january 2012

Silence is not merely negative; it is not the mere absence of speech. It is a positive. A complete world to itself. Max Picard (1952)

Please join us for the opening of Utter Silence on Thursday 5 January 2012.

Utter Silence is curated by Matteo Rubbettino and features select works by –

Simon O’Carrigan
Maria Ester Pena
Gillian Warden
Maria Antonietta Bevilacqua
Nikki Lam
Fernando Garcia Vasquez
Utter Silence will open on Thursday 5 January between 6pm and 9pm, and the exhibition will run until Sunday 15 January 2012.
one hundredth gallery is for everyone new to art
49 porter street prahran
between greville st and commercial rd


two new photo documentary exhibitions

Today, we open two new photo documentary exhibitions. 

The grand opening for both exhibitions is tomorrow, Thursday 27 October at 6.30pm.

Everyone is welcome!

Front Room | Do we have a Plan B? by Georgia Laughton

In the front room, artist Georgia Laughton tackles the challenging issue of overfishing and the impending death of our oceans. The oceans are the lifeforce that keeps our planet alive – yet it has been predicted that we will have wiped out all the life in the oceans by 2049. Through sometimes graphic and confronting imagery, Gerogia poses the question, Do we have a Plan B for when we fish the last fish?

You can read more about Georgia and her exhibition by clicking here.

Do we have a Plan B?‘ opens at one hundredth gallery at 11am today and finishes at 5pm on Sunday 6 November.


Middle Room | My Australia by Andrea Drury

In the middle room, Andrea Drury follows up her last photo documentary exhibition ‘Camino Seguro’, with ‘My Australia’. This new exhibition examines stories and images from recent migration and post refugee life in Australia. Despite racism in the form of negative media stereotypes, many recent migrants and refugees are resilient, determined and amazing people finding their place in our culture and adding to our society.

You can read more about Andrea and her exhibition by clicking here.

My Australia‘ opens at one hundredth gallery at 11am today and finishes at 5pm on Sunday 30 October.







introducing andrea drury and camino seguro

Today, we open ‘Camino Seguro’, a new photograhy exhibition by Andrea Drury.

Camino Seguro was founded in 1999 by Hanley Denning, who, after visiting the Guatemala City dump and seeing the living and working conditions, was moved to start an NGO to help the workers’ children. In the beginning it was only a small church building, where the children were given a snack and space for those in school to work on their homework – a safer alternative to the street.

The project has grown greatly, today it services over five hundred at risk children and teenagers and eighty-two infants. Thanks to the project’s financial support the children are able to attend local schools. All their school supplies, uniforms and fees are paid for. Their families are given food bags, equivalent to the wages they would be making in remedial jobs, to encourage them to keep their children in school. All children are given two meals a day plus free medical treatment for them and their families.

Half the children’s days are spent at school and the other half is spent at Camino Seguro, where they are in classrooms with children in their grade. Each class has a trained, experienced teacher who is able to help them with their homework, which their less educated and often illiterate parents are unable to do.

Thanks to Camino Seguro these children are given the opportunity to move forward to a future free of poverty. Their future would have otherwise held few job opportunities, outside of the dump, selling lollies on buses or in the street, or working in a sweatshop.

The photo project explores the lives of those who pass through Camino Seguro and how the NGO changes their destiny.

Andrea Drury: Artist Statement

I am fascinated by different cultures and societies. I am concerned with social issues affecting our fellow human beings, both here in Australia and in the global community. Both have a large impact on my practice. Through documentary photography I explore the things we all have in common, the things that make us human and the things that make us different as individuals or as a collective culture.

My style has developed over the last few years through my degree at Sydney College of the Arts and honours at RMIT as well as my personal projects undertaken in Guatemala and Australia.

I use photography to draw attention to social issues and make comment on particular situations. I want to show people worlds that would otherwise remain hidden or unnoticed by them, to show the humanity in all of us and to make the viewer think about broader social issues. By working closely with the people in the photographs, I strive to tell the stories as best I can. I try to understand how they see themselves and in turn project this into the images.

‘Camino Seguro’ opens at one hundredth gallery at 11am today and finishes at 5pm on Sunday 23 October.

The grand opening for this exhibition is tomorrow, Thursday 20 October at 6.30pm.

Everyone is welcome!



please join us at one hundredth gallery for a very special triple exhibition by andrea drury and georgia laughton

andrea and georgia will take you on 3 different journeys across 3 weeks and 3 exhibitions with their documentary style of photography, capturing –

  • camino seguro (safe passage) in guatemala (opening night 20 october)
  • post-refugee life and recent migration in australia (opening night 27 october)
  • overfishing in japan’s seas (opening night 27 october)

one hundredth gallery is for everyone new to art

49 porter street prahran
between greville and commercial
open wed-fri 11-7  |  sat-sun 12-5

closed 12th – 16th october

We’ll be taking the opportunity to close and repaint the gallery next week (12th – 16th october) as we’re between exhibitions.

Our current photography exhibition ends this weekend, with all 40+ artworks by 6 artists being taken down at 5pm on Sunday. It’s your last chance to see works by Keith Melder, Christopher Smith, Morgana Creely, Jeff Paine, Alana Aphoy, and Natalie Morawski.

Our next exhibition is also a photographic one; however it will be presented in 3-parts.

  • Part 1 by Andrea Drury will start open on 19 October
  • Part 2, also by Andrea Drury will start open on 26 October
  • Part 3 by Georgia Laughton will also open on 26 October

This new exhibition examines Camino Seguro ‘safe passage’ in Guatemala (Part 1), post-refugee life in Australia (Part 2), and over-fishing of our oceans (Part 3).

Please stay tuned for details…


extension, refresh, and new work!


Due to the popularity of our current Photography Exhibition, we have extended it through to Sunday 9 October. So, if you’re unable to make it this week due to the rain; or Saturday due to the AFL Grand Final; or Sunday because you’re commiserating Collingwood’s loss; you now have another whole week to drop by to see some wonderful art by six very talented photographers.


We have refreshed our home page with new images for your viewing pleasure.

New Work

With the extension to the exhibition, look out for some new pieces both online and in the gallery. We have just loaded four exciting new works by Christopher Smith!

introducing christopher smith

Christopher is a second year student (part-time) at the Photography Studies College in Melbourne. He took up photography as a creative outlet three years ago and spends most of his spare time engaged in study, exploring ideas and shooting.

He is hoping to spend some time in the near future expanding his work past with people, particularly portraiture: “I find people endlessly fascinating. Everyone has a story to tell and it’s finding out what the story is and expressing it visually in some way is what makes photography so interesting.”

Additionally, he is developing a number of conceptual projects alongside his school folio work.

Chistopher is exhibiting and selling his work at one hundredth gallery until 2 October 2011.  Please click on the image below for further examples of Christopher’s work.

bump in stop motion video

This very cool stop-motion video was shot by Keith Melder, one of the photographers currently exhibiting at one hundredth gallery until Sunday 2 October 2011.

The video goes for just over a minute and is well worth a watch, espcially with sound! Please click on the image below to get it started.

Stop Animation: Keith Melder
Music: Blue Monday, New Order – 1983


















introducing keith melder

Keith Melder is an international award winning photographer. He is the recipient of the international 2011 CannesLions / CannesAlso photography award judged by celebrated photographer Rankin.

Keith has been working as a freelance creative in the advertising industry for over ten years. Highly motivated and driven by the need to constantly create, he has produced illustrations, animation, graphic design, photography and television commercials for a variety of retail brands.

Keith has been passionately pursuing photography as a personal art form for the past two years. A journey that began with walking the streets of Melbourne with his camera, where he fell in love with candid portraiture, has evolved into concept based studio portraits.

Subconsciously influenced by his career in advertising, his personal work tends to take on a slight pop art / commercial edge. However, his portraits eschew the cliches of traditional beauty to seek out the beauty in unconventional constructs – an item caught mid-air or the frozen moment of subjects colliding. As a result, Keith’s images invite you into a hidden surreal world usually lost to the human eye.

Keith maintains a sense of fun and spontaneity with his art but his dedication and high degree of discipline results in a well crafted image. He is developing a career as a fine artist and knows photography will play a large part.

Keith is exhibiting and selling his work at one hundredth gallery until 2 October 2011.  Please click on the image below for further examples of Keith’s work.