one hundredth gallery has moved!

one hundredth gallery is an easy-going and enjoyable exhibition space dedicated to the exhibition and sale of artwork by aspiring and emerging artists. We also work with established artists who are trying something new.

After two years in Prahran, we have moved one hundredth gallery to a much bigger space at 200 Normanby Road, South Melbourne.

We have partnered with the kind people at Sidearm Cafe and are using their adjacent 500sqm room as our new exhibition space. Not only is the space ten times bigger than our previous gallery space; you will now be able to enjoy some breakfast or lunch with your art!

Entrance to the new gallery is via Sidearm and our opening hours will initially be the same as the cafe’s, Monday to Friday 7am – 4pm.

We look forward to seeing you soon at our new space.

Artists – submissions for the new gallery space are now open!


we have moved

feminism & masculinism

I am currently exhibiting wonderful artwork by an insightful artist named Prue Scott. Prue is a sculptor and her current exhibition is a collection of nude bronzes portraying scenes of humanity, support and joy. There is nothing sexual about the images and they are an excellent representation of the human form, both physical and emotional.

What makes this exhibition ‘different’ is that all of the bronze sculptures are male.

I hadn’t given that fact a second thought; however the majority of our visitors during the past week have found the innocent images very confronting and have asked questions like ‘what’s the artist’s infatuation with naked men?’; and ‘why so many penises?’

What I found even more interesting is that many of these comments and questions were made by women.

It dawned on me that if these bronzes were female, they would not have evoked the same reaction or response. I would not have heard the questions ‘what’s the artist’s infatuation with naked women?’; nor would have I heard  ‘why so many boobies?’

As a society, we are used to seeing naked females, not just in art but in general. There is no shock; no awe; we seem to be desensitised.

So here we are in 2012, and 30cm sculptures of naked men elicit responses from both men and women that suggest we are living in a time long long ago.

This post doesn’t aim to preach, or change the world. I thought I’d write it as this is the first exhibition that we have hosted that has elicited so much response and so much conversation. By my measure, it is therefore the first time we have shown a true art exhibition.

Equability by Prue Scott ends this Sunday 9 December at 6pm.

one hundredth gallery is for everyone new to art  |  49 Porter St Prahran




invitation | aurorian dawn by dmitry trashkov

Opening Night  |  6pm – 8pm Thursday 20 September

Exhibition continues until 14 October 2012

Please join us on Thursday 20 September for the opening of Aurorian Dawn, Dmitry Trashkov’s first solo exhibition in Melbourne.

Dmitry Trashkov is a BFA graduate from the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Aurorian Dawn showcases Dmitry Trashkov’s aptitude for graphic art, and seeks to create metaphysical and open-ended symbolic and esoteric dream worlds.

Dmitry Trashkov’s atmospheric mixed media works, full of menace and mystery, draw inspiration from the magical folktales of his native Russia, and an entire history of countercultures, from nineteenth century fin-de-siècle (end of the century) Symbolism and Decadence through to twenty-first century Metal and Goth.

Dmitry’s online exhibition will launch after the opening night.

We hope that you will join us for the opening.

one hundredth gallery is for everyone new to art

49 porter street prahran

between greville st and commercial rd

open | friday – sunday 11am – 6pm


spring exhibitions



Spring Stockroom Exhibition

The sun is shining and the days are getting longer! After our 6-week hibernation, we reopen our doors this Friday 31 August with a burst of art!

To celebrate, we’re opening our stockroom and are exhibiting all of the art that we have. Painting, drawing, collage, photography, and sculpture. It’s all here!

So please join us to browse our wonderful collection of art by our aspiring and emerging artists. You don’t need to know anything about art to visit our gallery. You just need to have an idea of what you like and what you don’t. And to make things a bit easier, all of our art will be laid out in price order.

Our Spring Stockroom Exhibition is open until Sunday 16 September and you will have access to more than 300 original artworks starting at $200. (note – we will be closed on Sunday for Fathers’ Day)

Coming Soon

  • 07 Sep – 16 Sep  |  New Abstract works by Carolyn Griffiths
  • 07 Sep – 16 Sep  |  New Abstract works by Dawn Lim
  • 21 Sep – 29 Sep  |  Aurorian Dawn by Dmitry Trashkov
  • 19 Oct – 28 Oct  |  Paintings by Paul K Lynch
  • 30 Nov – 09 Dec  |  Sculpture by Prue Scott


If you are a part of a group of artists or curators who would like to run one hundredth gallery in 2013, please get in contact.

one hundredth gallery is for everyone new to art 49 porter street prahran | open friday to sunday 11am – 6pm



abstraction & figurative


closes this sunday 17 june

Abstraction is an exhibition by emerging abstract artists from all over Australia.

This exhibition is for those who have a love colour and texture and who enjoy a different portrayal of our natural environment.


29 june – 15 july

fig.ur.a.tive  /  figyrtiv

one hundredth gallery is proud to present Figurative.

This group exhibition by 10 artists represents forms that are recognisably derived from life.

other news

+ We will be closed Friday 22 June – Sunday 24 June 2012
+ Would you like your own art gallery? Read more here…

coming soon

+ 21 September – 30 September, Aurorian Dawn, Paintings & Drawings by Dmitry Trashkov
+ 19 October – 28 October, Paintings by Paul K Lynch
+ 30 November – 9 December, Bronze Sculpture by Prue Scott

exhibiting with us

+ Please get in contact if you would like to exhibit your work in the second half of 2012
+ Please get in contact if you would like to be a part of running the gallery in 2013


would you like your own art gallery?

Would you like your own art gallery?

Do you know an artist or curator that does?

To enable the expansion and global domination of one hundredth gallery and one hundredth agency, I need to be able to step away from our existing gallery premises in Prahran.

In order to do this, I need to find some like-minded people (artists and curators) to run one hundredth gallery [prahran] as their own.

To keep in line with our inherent philosophy of launching the careers of aspiring and emerging artists and curators, one hundredth gallery is not looking to employ people; rather we are looking to lease the gallery to a group of up to 10 artists and/or curators.

My aim is to hand the gallery over on (or before) 1 January 2013 so that I can get moving on the next one hundredth venture. In order to proceed, I need at least 7 artists/curators to sign up.

If you’re interested in taking control of one hundredth gallery [prahran], as well as control of the sales of your own artwork, and of your artistic careers, then please email me at or call me on 0413 00 1234 for a (confidential) chat.

Expressions of interest close at 6.00pm on 30 September 2012; however please don’t leave it to the last minute as I will be signing people up on a ‘first come, first served’ basis between now and then.

Further Detail

What’s it going to cost?

  • each artist or curator will be charged $110 per week, or $478 per month (inc. GST)
  • there will be no commission on sales

What’s the catch?

  • the name one hundredth gallery needs to stay
  • provision must be made for exhibiting aspiring and emerging artists (outside of the group) for at least 10 weeks per year. This will generate income of around $15,000 for the group.
  • the gallery is open a minimum of Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays
  • the group will determine how and when the space is used by the group

The lease includes the business, premises, two underground car parks, all fixtures and fittings including the lighting and hanging system, as well as outgoings such as council rates, water rates, and owners’ corporation fees. Most commercial leases do not include these things.

The successful artists and curators will be responsible for the lease payments and the electricity bill (if fewer than 10 people take the space). Lease terms will be 1 or 2 years with an option to renew depending upon all of our circumstances; and we’ll run the agreement through a licensed real estate agent.

one hundredth gallery is for everyone new to art

49 porter street prahran

between greville st and commercial rd

open | friday – sunday 11am – 6pm

art melbourne

It’s all about Art Melbourne this weekend.

Art Melbourne, Melbourne’s Affordable Art Fair opened last night and we joined the festivities. As with previous years, there is a wide range of artists, art, styles, and price ranges.

Whilst the four-day event is targeted at art buyers, artists will be well advised to go along to check out what your contemporaries are doing. Call it market research… and all under one roof.

one hundredth gallery is not a part of Art Melbourne, so it was great to see artists that we have worked with representing themselves and their artwork at this event.

The highlights of the show for us were the paintings by Marcus Rose. Rose’s work is composed often with a self conscious referral to photographic montage. Straight line cuts of image, together with aspherical distortion are re-created on canvas in a high realistic style. This produces distortion similar to that produced as if viewing the subject as a reflection in a curved mirror.

Whilst we are not a part of Art Melbourne, we are big believers in what they are trying to do as we seem to have the very same objectives!

Art Melbourne’s (& one hundredth gallery’s) formula is relatively simple: to provide a relaxed, unstuffy environment and lots of good quality original art. It creates the perfect environment to discover the art world without feeling intimidated.

Whilst Art Melbourne runs for 4 days each year, one hundredth gallery is your perpetual affordable art fair… open all year!

abstraction | 1 june – 17 june 2012

Abstraction is an exhibition by emerging abstract artists from all over Australia.

This exhibition is for those who have a love colour and texture and who enjoy a different portrayal of our natural environment. Each of the artists in this exhibition investigates and explores key influences through a diversity of starting points, texture and hues to create a vibrant and stimulating display of contemporary abstract expression.

The painting group from diverse backgrounds and ages have created works that are executed in a variety of techniques as they explore the physical environment and how it impacts on our emotions and perceptions; the internal dialogue portrayed in an array of colour, line and movement.



one hundredth gallery closes ‘A Picture Paints a Thousand Words’ by Adriana Seserko this weekend.

Combining contemporary and traditional motifs with a myriad of art movements, Adriana’s paintings delve into the unknown, exposing every facet of the human condition. Figurative, the characters portrayed in her paintings are a projection of life in the 21st century. From the monstrous to the angelic, humanity is made up of both light and shadow. A Picture Paints a Thousand Words has been one of our most successful exhibitions to date and this weekend is your last chance to see it in Melbourne before it travels to Canberra.

‘A Picture Paints a Thousand Words’ by Adriana Seserko closes at 6pm on Sunday 27 May 2012.


which warhol is warhol’s?

15% of art is fake – can you tell which Warhol’s Warhol’s?

Remember the awesome Steal Banksy campaign recently run by the Art Series Hotels? This is what they bring us next…

From Tuesday 15th May 2012, Art Series Hotels are challenging people to guess ‘Which Warhol is Warhol’s?’ Guests staying at any of the Art Series Hotels (The Cullen, The Blackman or The Olsen) will get the opportunity to select the one they believe is real from a line up 10 (9 of which are re-productions by Tony Tetro), for their chance to win an original Andy Warhol masterpiece, worth $20,000.


Art Series Hotel Group have brought together the world’s greatest living art forger, Tony Tetro, with one of the world’s most forged artists – Andy Warhol – to ask which Warhol is Warhol’s?

The convicted forgery artist, Tetro, has been commissioned to produce nine replica Warhols that will hang in the hotels alongside a genuine one until 3 August 2012.

Guests staying at an Art Series Hotel (The Cullen, The Blackman or The Olsen) will be asked to pick the ‘real’ from the fake from a line up of 10. One fake will be revealed each week and given away as prizes, with an original Warhol given to one of the guests who picks Warhol’s Warhol.

According to Alan Bryce (author of Art Smart), up to 15 per cent of all art sold is fake or forged. In reflecting on this statistic, CEO of the Art Series Hotel Group, Will Deague said “Art Forgery is a serious issue facing the international art industry. At Art Series, we aim to not only make art more accessible for our guests but also help provide an education on art. This process would not be complete without highlighting the prevalence of this fraudulent behaviour. Tony Tetro is a prime example of how commonplace it seems to be to replicate the classics. Tetro and other forgery artists have made a business out of reproducing our art masters including Warhol, Picasso, Monet and even our own namesake artist, Charles Blackman. In running Which Warhol, we’re looking to profile this serious issue and stimulate discussion and debate around the production of replica art. What does it mean for the industry, how can you pick a fake from a real, what value do we actually place on art?”

Australian forensic art expert Robyn Sloggett says that art forgery is one of the easiest crimes to get away with. “In the industry we call them ‘problematic artworks’. The number of suspicious artworks is difficult to pin point as few result in legal action in the courts, compared to what we identify as independent assessors. This is usually out of embarrassment for the purchaser or it’s simply not worth pursuing because of the cost. One thing we do know, though, is that once a problematic artwork enters the market, it’s usually there to stay,” she said.


Tony Tetro offers some of his own personal tips.

  1. Provenance – History of the work. Find out the story behind the piece. What is its history? Does it match up to the artist’s history?
  2.  The fine details – Look out for the even spread of the paint. It should not have any dots. In the past this was not so easy to replicate but today printers can do it in a flash.
  3.  Do your research – Find out the style of the artist. Did they use stamps, watermarks etc. How did they look? It’s easy to fake a rubber stamp.
  4.  Put things in context- See if the objects painted fit in with the artist and his era.
  5.  Don’t always trust authenticity certificates – They can be faked too. Always buy from a reputable dealer.


Everyone is invited to get involved in the project and can win a night in the hotel by following @whichwarhol on Twitter or, and participating in the quizzes on art forgery.


adriana seserko | opening night

Last night we celebrated our first birthday and the exhibition opening of ‘A Picture Paints a Thousand Words’ by Adriana Seserko.

Thank you to everyone who attended for making it a very special night.

The exhibition continues until 13 May 2012 and Adriana’s exhibition is a ‘must see’ for anyone that is vaguely interested in art!

Photos of the event can be found here –


one hundredth gallery is for everyone new to art

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