art melbourne

It’s all about Art Melbourne this weekend.

Art Melbourne, Melbourne’s Affordable Art Fair opened last night and we joined the festivities. As with previous years, there is a wide range of artists, art, styles, and price ranges.

Whilst the four-day event is targeted at art buyers, artists will be well advised to go along to check out what your contemporaries are doing. Call it market research… and all under one roof.

one hundredth gallery is not a part of Art Melbourne, so it was great to see artists that we have worked with representing themselves and their artwork at this event.

The highlights of the show for us were the paintings by Marcus Rose. Rose’s work is composed often with a self conscious referral to photographic montage. Straight line cuts of image, together with aspherical distortion are re-created on canvas in a high realistic style. This produces distortion similar to that produced as if viewing the subject as a reflection in a curved mirror.

Whilst we are not a part of Art Melbourne, we are big believers in what they are trying to do as we seem to have the very same objectives!

Art Melbourne’s (& one hundredth gallery’s) formula is relatively simple: to provide a relaxed, unstuffy environment and lots of good quality original art. It creates the perfect environment to discover the art world without feeling intimidated.

Whilst Art Melbourne runs for 4 days each year, one hundredth gallery is your perpetual affordable art fair… open all year!