and the people’s favourites are…

During our recent showcase exhibition, we asked gallery and website visitors to vote for their favourite work of art. This wasn’t done to offer huge prizes but to be able to provide feedback to aspiring and emerging artists about what works were liked most during this exhibition.

We have divided the voting into two categories.

  1. Votes received in the gallery, and
  2. Votes received in the gallery + email + facebook + twitter

And the winners people’s favourites are…

Category 1 | Gallery

People’s Favourite – Lovers by David Hurwitz







People’s Second Favourite – Nile by William Holt







People’s Third Favourite – Black with Black by Debbie Lloyd







Category 2 | Overall Peoples’ Favourite

People’s Favourite – Untitled (Melbourne) by Tim Anger







People’s Second Favourite – Beguiled by Dawn Lim







People’s Third Favourite – Lovers by David Hurwitz







Congratulations to all of our artists for putting on a great show and for showing the public that art comes in all shapes and sizes and that there is a piece of art for everyone.