closed 12th – 16th october

We’ll be taking the opportunity to close and repaint the gallery next week (12th – 16th october) as we’re between exhibitions.

Our current photography exhibition ends this weekend, with all 40+ artworks by 6 artists being taken down at 5pm on Sunday. It’s your last chance to see works by Keith Melder, Christopher Smith, Morgana Creely, Jeff Paine, Alana Aphoy, and Natalie Morawski.

Our next exhibition is also a photographic one; however it will be presented in 3-parts.

  • Part 1 by Andrea Drury will start open on 19 October
  • Part 2, also by Andrea Drury will start open on 26 October
  • Part 3 by Georgia Laughton will also open on 26 October

This new exhibition examines Camino Seguro ‘safe passage’ in Guatemala (Part 1), post-refugee life in Australia (Part 2), and over-fishing of our oceans (Part 3).

Please stay tuned for details…