introducing morgana creely

Morgana Creely’s images explore her own private vision of what lies in the shadows and in the light. With each image Morgana strives to capture a moment in a story; a single movie image.

“I like to create images that tell stories, and images with a twist in the tale. I love images that make you look twice. A little mischievous bizarre in the ordinary.”

Morgana’s work doesn’t hold back, and has been the subject of the occasional controversy. However this doesn’t deter her from pursuing the images she wants to create. “Photography is incredibly subjective; that’s one of the things I really love about it”.

Based in a studio on the South Eastern side of town, Morgana also run a series of compositional workshops entitled “Images that Tell Stories” and is currently  working on her second book of photography.

Morgana is exhibiting and selling her work at one hundredth gallery until 2 October 2011.  Please click on the image below for further examples of Morgana’s work.