one hundredth gallery just got better

One of the major benefits of being a small business is the ability to change quickly when necessary, and when people ask nicely. There are no committees to run proposals past and no boards to seek approval from.

Whilst we have only been around for 6 months, and only 1 month in our physical gallery we are very keen to adapt to what artists are asking for; so long as it does not dramatically change our raison d’être.

With this in mind, I’m pleased to announce that we will now take artist bookings for one-week exhibitions, rather than having a fortnightly minimum.  As you would expect, this also brings the cost down considerably… to as low as $65 for an exhibition wall! Discounts of 15% will be offered to artists who exhibit for 2 or more weeks, OR who choose to book an entire room or rooms within the gallery.

Weekly exhibitions will run for 4 days, Thursday to Sunday and will be supported with website, facebook, twitter, and Art Almanac promotion. We will consult with artists on all other promotion requirements.

one hundredth gallery is dedicated to the exhibition and sale of artwork by aspiring and emerging artists, and we also work with established artists who are trying something new.

We hope that by offering the option of weekly exhibitions, that we will be able to provide the opportunity of artwork exhibition to a greater number of artists.

Details of our new pricing can be found here.