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Deborah Zibah is an exuberant character, driven by passion and purpose in an irrepressible quest for excellence in her work ethic and personal life. Born in Zimbabwe, Africa, Deborah works and lives in Perth, Western Australia. Currently, she is working extensively with bitumen and grass tree resins, which she collects herself from the Australian bush. She is a prolific painter and is constantly experimenting with new materials and concepts. Though she has a strong sense of form, not to mention exceptional drawing skills, the process of surface texture takes priority for her at the moment.

Deborah’s work exudes strong form, with no apologies for the intensity of colour bombarding the viewer’s senses.  There is constant longing to experiment with new materials, to discover new concepts and fuelled impetuousness as each boundary is blistered and fresh ground is ravished.  It is Deborah’s passion, her love, and what she does best.

For me, life has to be lived extravagantly, to the nth degree, and I am constantly striving for better, more effective ways to visually demonstrate me experience and appreciation of nature and its Creator – Deborah Zibah.

Deborah has 5 artworks on exhibition and for sale at one hundredth gallery until 10 July 2011.