it’s a partnership

I’ve had some great conversations with about 20 artists during the past fortnight.

A question that is asked by the more savvy artists is, “How does one hundredth gallery get people into the gallery?”

This is a quite an interesting and multifaceted question, and one with no simple answer.

Like any other business, we could do endless advertising and promotion to get people through the doors; however if there is nothing of quality for them to look at, then they won’t be back and the exercise would be a huge waste.

one hundredth gallery aims to partner with aspiring and emerging artists to 1. provide a space to exhibit, and 2. determine the best ways to commercialise artists’ work (if that is the artist’s objective).

Rather than use a blanket approach to advertising and promotion, we will work with artists to define the objectives of their exhibition and devise the best plan to support those objectives.

We aim to keep our rental fees and commission as low as possible so that we can provide artists with an opportunity to determine what works and what doesn’t when it comes to comercialising their art.

It’s a partnership.