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Born in New Zealand and now residing in Melbourne, Kylie is a very strong, passionate and eclectic artist who has lived all over the world.  She has a background in both visual and performing arts and her artistic pursuits have many common threads.  It is her ability to use these in her paintings that gives her abstract work a point of difference.  She creates both a sense of movement with her juxtaposition of texture and colour, often rendering the viewer with unexpected emotion.

Kylie has very strong environmental principles and creates her paintings using existing materials, such as the last two inches in a tin of house paint and timber off-cuts from a construction site.  Her inspiration comes in many different forms including street characters, popular culture, human expression, advertising layouts, and multicultural philosophers – it’s all part of the fabric of life and the decisions we make.

Kylie has five artworks on display and for sale at one hundredth gallery until 26 June 2011.