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With a lithographic background spanning 18 years, Mark has an acute ability to use colour with both a meticulous and creative attention to detail.

Understanding colour and its creative possibilities is Mark’s self-confessed obsession.  Mark is frequently inspired by photos, colour schemes, music, lyrics, indigenous art and culture, street art, and observations of human interaction.  From this he formulates multiple ideas, sometimes ‘playing’ with them for years, until he is ready to commit them to a piece of tangible art.

Technology is an integral part of art and society, however although Mark is proficient in its use lithographically, he prefers to use original methods and techniques artistically.  Detecting the originality in a single piece of art is paramount to Mark’s process.  Mark wants you to be able to see that each one of his works has been created by human hands.

The craft, diligence, research, skill, and time invested in making each piece of art is what Mark enjoys doing the most.  Mark gets immense satisfaction from creating his art with a free, expressive, and unrestriced mindset.  Mark doesn’t box himself in within one particular style.  Instead he works in many mediums, always experimenting with old and new techniques.  One day he is designing a child’s bedroom mural, the next he is creating a thematic exhibition, and in between he is designing tattoos for private clients.

Commissions motivate me Mark to create a work of desire, personal to the client, that is enjoyed and inspiring.  Each piece of Mark’s artwork is representative of his need to put a little bit of himself into the result.

“I become bored easily doing one style of art, and usually have multiple projects on the go to keep interested’ – Mark Hammon

Mark has five artworks on display and for sale at one hundredth gallery until 26 June 2011.