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Growing up in north western Victoria near Swan Hill, Brian Mangano exhibited a natural eye for capturing cityscapes and landscapes.  He keeps some photographs taken with his MZ-30 in his desk drawer to remind him where he came from.  Just before his 18th birthday, he left home and began a journey that lead him to Melbourne two and a half years later; looking for work and stumbling into the corporate lifestyle.

Some nine years after moving to Melbourne, Brian decided it was time to escape the corporate slave trade and get back to the place he enjoyed being most; behind the camera.  Somewhat reluctantly he purchased his first digital SLR, and then another.  He keeps the MZ-30 in his bag loaded with black and white film and a nifty 50 attached.  Just in case.

Brian is now on a new journey, camera in hand and suits donated to Vinnie’s, establishing himself as a photographer and artist.  Combining the technologies of the digital age with his naturally creative eye, contemporary landscape and cityscape photography is being merged with High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging to produce some truly spectacular work.

Bucking the trend of idolising photographers and artist from afar, Brian Mangano cites John Williamson as a major influence on his current work.  “Most people my age are keen to get out of this place and look at what the rest of the world has to offer, but there’s so much beauty and wonder right under their noses.  He sings about it what a great Country we live in, and I hope capture it at least half as brilliantly.  Maybe even a few of my generation will take some time to have a look at it themselves one day.”

Brian has eight artworks on display and for sale at one hundredth gallery until 26 June 2011.