we’re almost there!

Sorry that it has been a while between updates.  There hasn’t been too much report until now.

The gallery is now fully painted.  The sign writing has been ordered and the sound system is in.  There is still a bit of cleaning to do and a couple of items of furniture to purchase; but we’re almost there!

After incessantly emailing and calling the council planning department during the past three days, I found out today that there were no objections to my application – hooray!

Unfortunately, they haven’t been clear with what the process looks like from here.  All they have said is that they will aim to get to it by the end of next week.  I’m not sure what ‘it’ is but hope that it is the issuing of the permit.

Fingers crossed, we’re still on track to open our doors in mid-May… most probably Wednesday the 18th.

Until then, we have at least two more artists to introduce you to; in addition to Marie-Lise Laviolette and Karin Zeller.