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The very lovely Lou Pardi (http://www.loupardi.com/ and http://pardipardi.wordpress.com/) recently wrote the following article for Beat Magazine.  Thank you Lou!

Growing Together

New Melbourne Gallery Gives Aspiring & Emerging Artists A Start

It was never going to be an easy journey, when Charles Hardman decided to resign from his role in General Management for an ASX 200 company to pursue his passion for the arts and open a gallery. Believing that “everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their artistic dreams”, Hardman knows firsthand how tough it can be for those looking to get started in the industry.

“When I was at school, I thought I’d like to be an artist when I graduated” says Hardman “I quickly discovered however, that the art world is very chicken-and-egg. No one wants to exhibit you unless you’ve already exhibited – and sold – elsewhere”.

Hardman’s new space, one hundredth gallery aims to provide a space for both emerging and aspiring artists. The concept allows them to rent wall space, from as little as 1.5m, to exhibit their art (in whatever form it may be) and spend time in the gallery, hearing the response from the public.

Whilst originally slated to open in February 2011, like its future exhibitors, one hundredth gallery has run into a few hurdles getting up and running. Until the new launch date in May 2011 rolls around, Hardman has decided to take matters into his own hands and offer his support to all interested creative types for free.

On now until 30 April 2011, Hardman is running free online exhibitions via the gallery’s website – www.100thgallery.com. No commissions on sales, no queues, no fees and no opening hours.

Whether you’re a creative type – photographer, artist, sculptor, illustrator, fashion designer, and so forth and you’d like to get your work out there, or simply an admiring fan of the arts, now’s the time to get one hundredth gallery on your radar.

– Lou Pardi