a comical conversation

42 days of council conversation

Whilst I’ve cut some of the pleasantries from these emails, these are direct quotes from emails between the council and I…

20 Jan 2011 (me) – If my application needs to be advertised to neighbours, may I be given the opportunity to conduct the printing, enveloping, and mailing of the notice so that I may best control my costs associated with this exercise?

20 Jan 2011 (council) – As you have requested this within the appropriate timeframe – we will have to allow it. 

39 days later…

28 Feb 2011 (council) – I was just looking for an update on what the next steps in our process are for the change in use application.

28 Feb 2011 (council) – I have prepared your file for advertising and have noted on the file for admin that you wish to handle the postage side of things yourself, so to control costs.  Hopefully my senior will sign off advertising plans today, so notification can commence this week.

3 days later…

3 March 2011 (me) – Has there been any update from your senior on the advertising plan?   I called your admin team and they can’t tell me what is involved until they see the plan.  Depending on the difference in cost, I may just leave it up to the team at the council to do the advertising.

3 March 2011 (council) I’m so sorry for the delay, my coordinator will sort it out today.  Unfortunately we don’t have the option for the applicant to organise advertising – unlike some Councils.  So we will be organising it at a fee.  You will be contacted when ready.

3 March 2011 (me) – Previous correspondence between us suggested that I did have this option.  Please see attached.

3 March 2011 (council) Ok, sorry I forgot.

Riiightio then!  Can I please see a show of hands from everyone that has confidence in my council planning permit application process?!

What I haven’t mentioned as yet, is that even though I have already gained written approval and support from my own owners’ corporate committee (for that the building the gallery is in), the council still want to post letters to everyone in the same building to let them know of the application. 

Can I now please see a show of hands from everyone that thinks that this red tape is now comical?!

At least I can smile about it, and hope that this post has made you smile too.

We will get there, I promise!