non progress

Last week was a very interesting week.  Apart from launching another very talented artist (Rebecca Hartley), there was no progress on one hundredth gallery.  None.  Zero.  Nothing.

Planning Application

I lodged my planning application to the council on 17 January; 42 days ago.  In the past 42 days, I have received an acknowledgement letter and a request to supply written confirmation from Liquor Licensing Victoria that I don’t need a liquor licence.  Whilst very difficult to get, I provided the written confirmation 10 days ago.  Phone messages have been left and emails have been sent.   As soon as I work out what we’re waiting for, I’ll let you know!

Walls & Lighting

Whilst the walls went up 2 weeks ago, we haven’t made any progress with completing the render and finishing touches in preparation for their painting.  Fingers crossed that we can get this done in the next 2 weeks.

I have finally found the right lighting system for the gallery.  It is a track system with ‘clip-in, clip-out’ lights than can be adjusted and moved to wherever they are needed.  I just need to find an electrician to install them, and ‘we will have light!’


I’m pretty sure we are still on track for a May opening.

The online exhibitions have been quite successful with seven artists exhibiting their work and another two or three assembling their collections.  We will also be launching new exhibitions by some of the artists that have already exhibited, so watch this space!

If you’re an aspiring artist, and emerging artist, an established artist, or know an artist that should be exhibiting their work, then please get in touch –