emerging artists now showing

One hundredth gallery is all about exhibiting aspiring and emerging artists.  Painters, photographers, sculptors, designers, textile makers, drawers, print makers, etc. are all welcome to exhibit their work with us.

We currently have six online exhibitions showing by some extremely talented artists, and hope to add a seventh and eighth later this week.  All artwork is for sale and enquiries can be made directly to the artist. 

If you haven’t already, please check out these wonderful emerging artists.

Wolfgang Glowacki

Macro Artscapes

19 Feb – 20 Mar 2011

Pete Goodlet

Noddy Comes to Daylesford

15 Feb – 20 Mar 2011

Michell Guo

Not Without Soul

10 Feb – 13 Mar 2011

Mark Hammon

Six Pack

4 Feb – 6 Mar 2011

Janicke Johansen ???(Last Week!) 

Above and Below

31 Jan – 27 Feb 2011

Brian Mangano (Last Week!) 

More than City Lights

8 Jan – 27 Feb 2011

Special offer until 30 April 2011

Between 1 February and 30 April 2011, we will exhibit up to ten of your artworks on 100thgallery.com for free.  Please click here for further details.