opening a gallery was never going to be easy

It’s been a while since my last progress report on the opening of one hundredth gallery, and lots and lots has been happening!

the good news!

The free online exhibition series has started off really well.  Two very talented artists, Brian Mangano (photography) and Janicke Johansen (painting and drawing) are currently exhibiting and several other artists are preparing their exhibitions.   I do hope that more artists take up this special offer before it ends in April 2011.

The gallery floors are finished!  It took three coats and some eye-watering expense, but we have got there.  The first coat of glossy sealer was all but absorbed by the concrete.   The second coat left quite a few patches and the third coat fixed most of them.  In hindsight, I should have just painted the floors grey, black, or white, but the polished concrete does have a beautiful look to it!

The bad news!

My planning application to open the physical gallery was lodged a little over 2 weeks ago now and there hasn’t been any progress, or feedback from the council (except for their acknowledgement letter).

One of the bigger challenges that I’m currently facing is that the ATO are auditing my business activity statements.  I re-registered for GST mid last year is an effort to do the right thing by our government.  As I only left my full-time employment at the end of October, the ATO now need me to explain why I have a business incurring expenses with no income.  Perhaps they could ask the council why I have no income and get my planning application pushed through?!

I don’t mind the audit as all of my books and expenses are 100% up to date, but I have already invested significant amounts of time in providing the ATO with responses and evidence; and the ordeal is not yet over. 

With all of this bureaucracy, I can now better understand why so many businesses go under in their first year of operation… it all becomes too hard; and spending time on paperwork etc. is time not spent on making the business successful.

Rest assured that one hundredth gallery and I will not be one of these statistics.

the other news

Now that the floors are finished, we should be able to start installing the new gallery walls this week.  That will then allow us to install the hanging system and gallery lighting in the very near future.

We will soon be working on a new website that moves away from being a blog site, and moves towards being a gallery site.  This blog was always designed to document my journey towards opening the gallery.  When the gallery opens, we will need a website that best promotes and exhibits our artists.  It is our intention to open the gallery and launch new website at about the same time – hopefully May 2011.

Our facebook fan page is also now set up.  You can become a fan of one hundredth gallery at

You can also follow our journey on twitter at