exhibit for free – calling all artists

In my post on 15 January (houston, we have a problem pt.2) I mentioned that I was developing some creative ways to deal with the planning application hurdles and the impending delays to being able to open the gallery to the public.

I’m keen to turn my negative experiences into positive ones, especially for the emerging artists whose work I hope to exhibit.  So, here is the first creative concept that I have come up with… free online exhibitions.  Yes, free.

Calling all artists… painters, drawers, photographers, sculptors, fashion designers, print makers, etc.

Exhibit your artwork on one hundredth gallery’s website for free.  Yes, free.   Between 1 February and 30 April 2011, I will exhibit up to ten of your artworks on 100thgallery.com for free.  

For a grand total of $0.00, you will get – 

  • Your own page on 100thgallery.com with a brief bio and up to ten of your works displayed for 4 weeks
  • A blog post (written by you and I) on your collection and your work
  • Links from 100thgallery to your website and your contact details so that potential buyers can contact you directly
  • Promotion via the 100thgallery facebook fan page and 100thgallery twitter account

Why am I doing this?

Due to the unforeseen planning application process, it is unlikely that I will be able to open 49 Porter Street Prahran as 100thgallery to the public before May 2011.  Rather than letting this hurdle get in my way, I’d like to keep moving forward with my mission and vision to exhibit emerging artists.

Also, I hope that the artists who exhibit in the 100thgallery online gallery may one day exhibit in the physical premises when it opens; however there is absolutely no obligation to do so.

What do you have to do? 

  • Email me at charles@100thgallery.com with –
  • A short bio of around 200-300 words
  • Photos of up to 10 of your artworks (up to 500KB each)
  • A description of each artwork (title, dimensions in mm, mediums used, price)
  • Your email contact details and your website address if you have one
  • Your location (in Australia) and whether you will mail Australia wide

Fine Print

  • There is no fine-print other than I’ll probably limit this offer to 100 artists with a preference towards aspiring and emerging artists.
  • Oh, and I will reserve the right to exhibit or not exhibit work.  For example, if an aspiring artist wants me to exhibit a stick-person drawing done on toilet paper for $10,000, then I may decline.  Unless it is really really really good.

I think that is about it. 

Emerging artists… start or continue your CV’s here! 

I look forward to hearing from you.