what will we exhibit? what is art?

One hundredth gallery wants to exhibit talent in all of its forms.  When open, we will provide a space for talented people to exhibit their creations, whatever those creations may be.  One hundredth gallery will be an ‘art space’ for creative people; not just a gallery.

So before we become pigeonholed as a traditional art gallery, please let me outline what I would like to see in our art space during the next 12 months…

  • Fashion.  One hundredth gallery will be ideal for showcasing new designs, new collections, and new ideas in couture or wearable art.
  • Jewellery makers and craftspeople.  Exhibit your new work and launch your new collections to the public and to commercial buyers alike.
  • Music.  I would love for both traditional and experimental musicians to use the space to launch new sounds, compositions, and lyrics.
  • Literature/Poetry.  Poets, authors, writers.  Come one; come all to launch your new short story, book, or essay, and/or to conduct readings of your own work.
  • Film.  Writers, producers, directors… the art space can be set up with projectors to display your moving images.
  • Dance.  Not sure if we will have enough space, but we’re willing to give it a go!
  • Street art. Put your talent on display with the aim of signing commissioned work.
  • Etc.

One hundredth gallery aims to be a part of the process that enables creative people to make their work/art public. 

One hundredth gallery will of course exhibit all traditional forms of art as well… painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, installation, photography etc.

If you haven’t already, please get in contact (charles@100thgallery.com)  to exhibit your art in one hundredth gallery’s art space in 2011.