the greatest gift to an artist is

It was one of the greatest gifts I ever received.  A gift that was so thoughtful that I never saw it coming.  A gift that was so well coordinated, that I whilst I didn’t need to do much, I got so much out of it.

It was for my 27th birthday.  A group of four close friends secretly got together to gift me my dream.  I was stunned, humbled, and thrilled.  I am still stunned, humbled, and thrilled!

They knew that I had ‘parked’ my art in favour of the corporate life; but they also knew that my desire to paint, draw, print and exhibit was still running hot.  I had just turned out a new oil pastel series and the works were randomly hanging around the house.  Hanging around for no one to see… just like the 80+ pieces of art that came before it. 

And so, my close friends secretly worked on gifting me my dream.  My dream of a solo public exhibition. 

They organised the space, the grand opening party, a real estate board promoting the exhibition in one of Kensington’s busiest intersections, newspaper ads, and weekly full-page display ads in the local real estate agent’s magazine.

This was the greatest gift that they could give to an (aspiring) artist, and something that I will always be very thankful for.

Something clicked in me that day.  I didn’t quite know what it was at the time but a seed was planted.  A seed that would grow into an idea that would form a concept that would develop into the one hundredth gallery.

The one hundredth gallery aims to give the dream of ‘exhibition’ to all artists.

If you have a friend, relative, or anyone special who is aspiring, emerging or established in their art, why not gift them their dream.  ‘Exhibition Certificates’ for the nine walls within one hundredth gallery are now available.  Please see the ‘PRICING’ page for details and please email me at for further details and to place an order.