revised pricing

Now that we know that 100thgallery will be located at 49 Porter Street Prahran, I have been able to get into the space and measure it up.  This has allowed me to revise (and simplify) the pricing structure based on the walls that will be available. 

I now know that there will be a total of 9 walls of varying sizes available for artists to rent. 

Based on our revised modelling, one hundredth gallery’s pricing structure will now look something like this:

  • Rented wall space will be for about 2 weeks at a time (including move in and move out)
  • Each linear metre of wall space will cost $100 for about 2 weeks (the smallest wall is 1.5m or $150)
  • Artists can rent more than one wall but not less than one wall (unless artists coordinate for a wall to be shared)
  • There are 9 walls available for rent  | 1 x 1.5m | 1 x 2m | 1 x 2.6m | 1 x 3.0m | 2 x 3.5m | 3 x 3.6m
  • The whole gallery can be rented based on the prices quoted above
  • Sales commission will be 10% of selling price
  • All prices above are quoted ex-GST

This type of model turns ‘normal’ gallery pricing on its head and allows artists to better control the value of their work without losing 40% – 70% in commissions.

Artists will still need to submit the portfolio of work that they wish to exhibit for approval, and so that they can be scheduled with other ‘like’ artists. 

If you’re an artist (aspiring, emerging, established or otherwise), or if you know an artist that should be exhibiting then please get in touch via email on

100thgallery will also be selling gift vouchers so that friends and family of emerging and aspiring artists can encourage their art; but more on that later!