100thgallery has a home!

100thgallery has a home and its everyday name is 49 Porter Street Prahran.  It is just fifty short metres from Greville Street and the Prahran Train Station.  This property has caused no end of drama and headaches for the past 6 months, but all of that is behind me now as I have the keys!

As you can imagine, 100thgallery’s first space needed to tick a number of boxes.

  • not expensive
  • at least 50sqm
  • not expensive
  • not  on a retail strip
  • not expensive
  • close to public transport
  • not expensive

I also wanted 100thgallery’s first space to be a little ‘out of the way’ and in an area that was cool, but not too cool (as too cool = big amounts of cash).  Greville Street is one of the cooler ‘strips’ in Melbourne.  It is forever evolving and has always been pretty good at bespoke offerings, whether it be music, fashion, food & drink, or something else quirky.  Porter Street is the one-way street that runs along the train line between Commercial Road and High Street, intersecting Greville Street at its middle. 


49 Porter Street is one of five commercial/retail/office properties at the base of the ‘pret-a-porter’ apartment building about 50m north of Prahran Station and Greville Street (on the Commercial Road side).  It is 5m wide and 10m deep… enough to be divided into two or three smaller exhibition spaces.  For Prahran, it also wasn’t too expensive. 

Tick, tick and tick!

As Christmas/New Year are upon us, trades people are taking a well deserved break.  This means that 49 Porter Street won’t be turned into 100thgallery until January at the earliest.

Watch this space for progress reports and photos! 

Until then it will be hanging sheets and carpet picnics!