a creative odyssey

This post is a part of the Creative Odyssey Blog Hop organised by Jess from Epheriell Designs (epherielldesigns.com).  Kudos to Jess for organising such a wonderful gathering of like-minded individuals!

The idea behind this ‘blog hop’ is that each day 1 or 2 people will share their creative dreams and goals for 2011Today, I share the stage with Blacksburg Belle.

As many of you know by now, I resigned from my corporate job, and from my corporate life at the end of October.  I had spent way to long stuffing my creative dreams and goals into a cage, keeping them suppressed so that they wouldn’t interfere with my ‘normal’ life.

waiting 2010

As I now know, there is only so long that you can do this for before the cage lock breaks and dreams bubble to the fore.  My dream has always been to be ‘artistic’ for a living.  Whether it be painting, drawing, or writing, I feel most content when I am creating.  I wish I was musical so that I could add it to the list, but alas I am not!

Whilst resigning from corporate life gives me the opportunity to revisit my creative dreams, I have found myself in a new and interesting place.  I spent about 17 years in the corporate world before taking this chance.  I don’t think that this is right and I don’t think that creative people should have to ‘postpone’ their future.

So, whilst I still may chase my own creative dreams in 2011, my actual focus will be on helping others achieve their creative dreams so that they don’t have to lock them away.

2011 will see the opening of 100thgallery in Prahran Victoria.  100thgallery will be a gallery that allows artists to rent space to exhibit their creativity.  100thgallery will not be interested in whether artists have had previous exhibitions, nor will we be interested in average selling prices.

100thgallery is a ‘serviced office’ type concept that artists can rent a part of (or all of) on a fortnightly basis.  Aspiring, emerging, and established artists are all invited!

My creative dreams and goals for 2011 are:

  • establish 100thgallery within the emerging artists community as the first place to exhibit
  • exhibit at least 50 aspiring/emerging artists
  • open a second space by the end of the year
  • open studio space to encourage artists to gather and create
  • hold my own exhibition of paintings

My measure of success is for 2011 is simple… a long waiting list of artists wanting to exhibit at 100thgallery. If this is you, please email me at charles@100thgallery.com.