not to be… not today

Today was d-day for getting the keys to one hundredth gallery’s first space.  I left home at 8am to do the cross-town drive at the height of peak hour.  I arrived in Prahran just before 9am; enough time for a cheeky coffee before the real estate agent office opened their doors.

The office opened on time and I was handed an envelope with the keys to one hundredth gallery’s (pending) first home.  However, before I could leave the office to do my final ‘final’ inspection, I received a phone call from the agent (who wasn’t at the office yet) to let me know that nothing had been done during the weekend and all of the previous tenant’s furniture was still there.  Worse still, he did not have timeframes for when it would all be moved.  Fail.  Epic Fail.

With many companies closing up shop for Christmas, this means that we will not have the keys until 2011.  Hopefully, very very very early 2011.  Provided we still get access in early January, we still should be able to open our doors in February.  This is only a small speed bump on our journey.  We will open our doors in 2011 and progress our vision and mission to represent and launch emerging artists.

Watch this space for further details!