my favourite art

When at school, I concentrated on realism.  Portraits, landscapes, nature, and still life were my subjects.  However, as I progressed through my year levels I discovered Cubism, Surrealism, Expressionism and Impressionism.  I had found home.

Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali have always been my biggest inspirations.  Not necessarily by their works, but the freeing nature of their works and the thought processes that may have led to those works.  Neither artist seemed to be encumbered by conscious reality, proper form, or by societal pressures.  Both seemed to paint with their souls; transcending space and time, whilst tapping into their blissful subconsciousness and appealing to ours.  Both successfully used representations to tell a story and/or to explain a problem, and both were expert technicians.

To ‘unlearn’ what we know in order to be able to express ourselves in new and inspiring ways is something that I aspire towards.  Hopefully there are others out there that feel the same; others that I can help get there.  Emerging artists… I’m waiting to hear from you!