the property

13 December is a big day.  13 December is the day that I will (or won’t) get the keys to the first 100thgallery space.

It should have been far simpler than this but it hasn’t been and the past six months have presented some very interesting times!

You see, I found the property in March of this year signed the paperwork in June.  I was due to get the keys in September and as such, I resigned from my job (and comfortable steady income).

In September, I was told that the current/previous owner had gone into administration and that the bank were repossessing the property and shredding my paperwork.  Two weeks later, the administrator via the agent and behalf of the bank told me that I could get new paperwork if I agreed to pay more.  Ummm… how about… no.

Thankfully, the bank came back and agreed to the original price but extended the timeframes to 13 December 2010.  Actually, it was 30 December but this date also had to be amended as the bank’s representatives are all on holiday between Christmas and New Year!

So, in less than two weeks, one hundredth gallery will have a home or I’ll be back to the drawing board.  Watch this space…