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New artists and new audiences. We are dedicated to showcasing artwork by aspiring and emerging artists, as well as by established artists trying something new.

Since 2010 we have helped over 100 visual artists with their artistic objectives and have helped connect them with audiences and consumers all over the world.

During 2020 we chose to expand our remit beyond visual and graphic arts, and now represent performing artists, musicians, makers, and writers.

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Gavin Symes

Hailing from the Southwest of Victoria, Gavin Symes turned his first piece of wood forty-five years ago after his interest in timber and wooden products was sparked by his first job stacking and machining timber at Errey Anderson Hardware in Portland.

Witnessing his grandson’s newfound passion, Gavin’s grandfather arranged special access to his friend’s lathe, where Gavin spent hours turning wood and producing his first bowls.

After a successful thirty-year career in window fabrication, Gavin has returned to his passion for wood and timber and has turned his hobby into an artistic pursuit.

Working from his purpose-built studio in Allestree, Gavin has been creating bowls and objects d’art for the past five years, for both himself, and as mementos for his friends and family.

Gavin prefers to work with Australian natives; burls, root balls, and limbs; and aims to maintain the wood’s natural edges wherever possible.

As much as anything else, Gavin enjoys the discovery process of turning wood on his lathe, revealing the inside secrets of wood and timber, and the intricate patterns only nature can produce.

Gavin’s artwork is now available to purchase, and he also invites commissions, specifically those involving ‘turning’ old wood and discarded timber into bowls and platters.

charles tyler

#Literature #Writing

The Opposite of a Psychopath by Charles Tyler

After nine years together, she told him she’d had enough. With his world falling apart, he did the only thing he knew how, and held it all together. This is the story of why.

It is a story about his storylines; about how he created his reality to be what he wanted it to be, what he needed it to be, and what he thought it ought to be; all by what he told himself.

It is not a story about his actual reality, and it most certainly isn’t about the truth.


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William Holt

#VisualArts #Painting

As a contemporary abstract artist, I have always believed in encapsulating a deeper sense of authenticity in every artwork. For me, art is more than an image, it becomes a presence that influences the environment or space around it. Art, especially abstract, innately demands the embodiment of an almost tangible physical power.


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