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utter silence

Exhibition Ended Sunday 15 January. Works are still available for sale. Please email me with your enquiry.

5 January – 15 January 2012

Opening Night – Thursday 5 January, 6pm – 9pm

Silence is not merely negative; it is not the mere absence of speech. It is positive. A complete world to itself.

– Max Picard, The world of silence, 1952

Utter Silence is an exhibition about the role of silence in artistic production and more in general in our everyday lives.

Silence that has been an obsession or a necessary condition to work and think for many writers and artists since the Middle Age where was common practice for many hermits to keep a stone in their mouth for months to enforce vows of silence.

A celebration of silence as “the element in which great things fashion themselves together” (T.Carlyle), through a selection of works that impose a deep introspection to allow us to find the quietest place in ourselves.

Utter Silence is curated by Matteo Rubbettino and features selected works by –

  • Simon O’Carrigan
  • Maria Ester Pena
  • Gillian Warden
  • Maria Antonietta Bevilacqua
  • Nikki Lam
  • Fernando Garcia Vasquez




Simon O’Carrigan

O’Carrigan’s practice is focused on painting, but this painting is infused with elements of collage and traditional cel-animation. Whether actual or achieved through trompe l’oeil, the collage tradition is important for the layered approach O’Carrigan takes to the development of pictorial space. Meaning is generated through the spatial relationships between pictorial elements.

His recent works take the existential void as their subject matter. They filter various suggestions (from the Western canon of philosophy) as to how one should best respond to the knowledge of existence’s absurdity.

In 2010, O’Carrigan was the recipient of two grants to develop works on paper and canvas, uniting his previous work in animation, collage and painting. In 2011, he has found representation with Daine Singer Gallery, Melbourne; and continues to combine his interests in animation, collage, drawing and painting. He will show with Daine Singer in October 2011. He is also curating a group exhibition based on the theme of disappearance for Kings Artist Run, to show in December 2011.

María Ester Peña

María Peña is a visual artist graduated from the Art school “Academia Superior de Artes” in Bogotá, Colombia (her country of origin). Since this time Maria has dedicated her life to painting, specifically to the technique of oil painting on canvas. From 2004 to 2007 the artist developed her postgraduate studies by research in RMIT University School of Art in Melbourne. As a result of this investigation Maria presented a solo show of four installations in the Art Gallery of the school on February 2007. These series of works entitled “Bodies in Transit” depicted identities in transit, immigration and borders, focusing in the Latin-American Diaspora. Following the topic mentioned above, the artist is currently dedicated to her studio work on oil painting and fabrics usage, as well as media art installation, with the intention to evoke through her artwork “Spaces for the Memory”, remembrances and oblivions of a lost home.

Gillian Warden

Welcome to a world of unique creatures that set the mind to dreaming, and colourful paintings that bring joy to the heart. It’s always rewarding to find an artist who enjoys working with paint, pushing the medium through its range of possibilities from subtle innuendo to knock-out power. And when this exploration is underpinned by sure graphic ability, as seen in these exhibits, it’s an added bonus.

Gillian Warden admits she loves to play with ‘living, breathing paint’. And she plays with her imagery too as these exhibits take us through the looking glass and introduce us to a collection of real and hybrid animals in a kaleidoscope of colour. Warden’s collection of characters charm the viewer with their reference to human traits. Timid or bold, they invite us to come up close, to look past the picture and examine the painting’s surface.
That’s when we discover the true wonder of Warden’s art as we fall into the luscious paint. Layers of hue are rubbed, splashed, flicked or scrapped onto canvas or board. During this process, the medium is respected and allowed to do what it does best ~ glow.

Maria Antonietta Bevilacqua

Maria has been always wandering the streets of all the cities and countries she travelled in taking photos and getting to capture the essence of the most moving and hidden angles of the different places’ soul.

Her series of photography titled “Rest” features photos taken all over the world showing clothes drying under the sun. In those shoots there is everything she attempts to capture in her work: colors, slowness of the single moments of life and silence.