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tony edelman

Exhibition Ended Sunday 18 December. Works are still available for sale. Please email me with your enquiry.

Artist Statement

Through the use of colour and abstraction, the works in this exhibition express what is around me, be it nature, the city and its people and the things in the home.

For me, abstract art enables the viewer to see the work in many different ways.  The art becomes personal and subjective as each person will respond to it individually.  For me, art in an abstract form is all about colour and shape.  When it hangs on a wall its expression is endless.

Tony is exhibiting 19 of his works in the middle room of one hundredth gallery; along side works by Tina Alesi in the front room. Their exhibition ‘Colour Study’ starts on 30 November 2011 and runs until 18 December 2011.

Grand Opening | from 6.30pm Thursday 1 December