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steph hall

Artist Statement

My painting is a culmination of my feelings, inspirations, reactions and struggles; it is a way of breathing in and out.

Portrait and figurative painting is one of my passions as I consider it a great arena in which to explore the underpinnings of human psychology. Using the narrative potential of portrait and figurative painting, I aim to challenge the viewers and confront them with their most inner feelings.

My paintings are not literal representations of people posing or sitting. These are subjective portraits of the psyche. All portraits reveal something about the subject, but they are open to many interpretations as they are enigmatic most of the time. My portraits are a celebration of the human form.

My ultimate goal is to incorporate my observations into my unique style.

one hundredth gallery is proud to be working as a sales agent for Steph Hall.

To inquire about, or purchase Steph’s artwork, please contact Charles at one hundredth gallery at or 0413 00 1234.



  • The Learning Connexion, Honors Diploma in Art, 2005


  • 2012, NosferARTu, 1000 Pound Bend, Melbourne (Solo Exhibition)
  • 2012, Girls Helping Girls, Jasper Hotel, Melbourne  (Group Exhibition)
  • 2010, Melbourne Painters Group, Jasper Hotel, Melbourne (Group Exhibition)
  • 2010, Because I am a Girl, SmartArtz Gallery, Melbourne (Group Exhibition)
  • 2010, Solo Exhibition, SASH Gallery, Melbourne
  • 2009, Solo Exhibition, Port Art Gallery, Melbourne
  • 2008, Pretty Things, SmartArtz Gallery, Melbourne (Solo Exhibition)
  • 2005, Solo Exhibition, ROAR Gallery, Wellington, NZ
  • 2005, Affordable Art Show, Wellington, NZ
  • 2004, Affordable Art show, Wellington, NZ


  • 2009-2013, Life Drawing instructor, SASH Life Drawing
  • 2009-2010, Painting Tutor, SASH Gallery



  • 2012, Girls Helping Girls, Jasper Hotel, Melbourne
  • 2010, Melbourne Painters Group, Jasper Hotel, Melbourne
  • 2010, Because I am a Girl, SmartArtz Gallery, Melbourne