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Exhibition Ended Sunday 29 April 2012. Works are still available for sale. Please email me with your enquiry.

13 April – 29 April 2012

20 Paintings by Charles Hardman

In 2005, Charles Hardman was experimenting with paint, gravity, inertia, and canvases lying on the floor.

The first major piece he produced was a large scale painting and was dubbed Green Rain by a friend. Green Rain was soon followed by Pink Rain (I & II), Red Rain (I – V) and White Rain (I – IV).

In 2012, Charles has resurrected the style to produce some smaller scale works in Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange.

This series is all about colour and movement; specifically capturing movement on a static canvas.

Rain will be exhibited at one hundredth gallery between 13 April and 29 April 2012.


one hundredth gallery is for everyone new to art

49 Porter Street Prahran

Open Friday to Sunday | 11am to 6pm