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ozlem sen

Exhibition Ended Sunday 18 March 2012. Works are still available for sale. Please email me with your enquiry.

9 March – 18 March 2012

Please join us for the official opening of Ozlem Sen’s Naive Mosaics

Thursday 8 March 2012, 6.00pm – 8.00pm

Ozlem’s works are a mix of collage, acrylic paints, and the many different materials that she finds and collects as she walks along beaches, through the woods, and along streets; anywhere she finds inspiration. With over 15 works on display and for sale, Ozlem’s exhibition starts on the evening of Thursday 8 March and runs until Sunday 18 March 2012. Prices for her highly original works range between $100 and $1250.

one hundredth gallery is for everyone new to art

49 porter street prahran

between greville st and commercial rd

open | friday – sunday 11am – 6pm


Artist Statement

I am a new artist. I’ve had a very busy life that has seen me live in many countries wearing many different hats. Whilst this has been a wonderful journey it has also meant that my passion for painting, drawing, and creating things with my hands has always come second best.  It is only recently that I finally realized that I was preventing myself from really embracing something that I’ve always felt is central to who I am and so I’ve started creating again.

In art I feel like I’m creating something permanent – not just drawings or colors or collages but my thoughts, my experiences, my feelings, my frustrations, happiness… my life in short.  My works are mixed of collage and acrylic on boards or on canvases made of many different materials that I find and collect as I walk along the beaches, through the woods, along streets in many different countries; in fact anywhere I find inspiration. I collect whatever I think might be of use from seashells to magazine cut outs to egg shells. I categorize them according to their texture, color, shape and size. I spend a lot of time considering their form and whenever I look at a fragment, I see the larger whole.

In a way, these materials form a sort of ‘diary’ that documents not only what I see, feel, touch but also what I think, imagine, dream, live while I create – a process which makes me endlessly happy.