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mary aguilar

Life Drawings by Mary Carmen Aguilar  | Closes 7 February 2014

one hundredth gallery @ sidearm
200 Normanby Road South Melbourne
Open 7am – 4pm | Monday to Friday

Artist Statement

I have been a portrait and figure artist most of my life and I am passionate about Life Drawing. For this exhibition I am presenting six ink drawings on paper.

I aim to capture the beauty and simplicity of the human body without going into much detail. Incredibly expressive images are produced with a simple stick from the garden dipped in ink to make quick strokes, unpredictable lines and spontaneous marks which are then resolved using a traditional nib. The end result is a combination of marks and blobs culminating in a mysterious but beautifully seductive image of the body.

one hundredth gallery is located at 200 Normanby Road South Melbourne and is open weekdays between 7am and 4pm.

Please contact Charles ( or 0413 00 1234) for further details.