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louise molesworth

Exhibition has now ended, however artworks are still available for sale. Please email with your enquiry.

Ambiguous Fragility  | 16 November – 25 November 2012

Opening  Night | 6.00pm Thursday 15 November 2012

A show by Deanne Jolley, Jessie Imam, Jess Wilson and Louise Molesworth

This group show centres around the ideas of fragility that the human body has been attributed with. Whether through adornment, financial striving,  social placement or physical moulding; we all experience the need to promote and protect our physical selves from perceived dangers. Without immediate threat from wild beasts or threatening neighbours, this culture we exist in ( especially the Western one ) has created a new set of dangers and we have created a new set of anxieties to go with them. These anxieties are seemingly gentler but more long term and therefore the cause of a new fragility within our mindsets and following that, our bodies. Our works only touch on the topic but bring up questions about the stress of social conform that are important to all, whether cave person or high rise executive. We lie somewhere in-between!

Lou Molesworth is a Melbourne based artist living and working in deepest Chadstone.  Since graduating from Visual Arts at Monash University, she has diverged from her major of photomedia towards a multi-media based art practice that shows a great fondness for installation and sculpture.  Lou has actively volunteered as a commitee member at Trocadero Artspace in Footscray, co-curated several exhibitions including ‘Ambiguous Fragility’ and continued to exhibit since graduating.  In recent times Lou’s work has concentrated on themes of empathy, intimacy and anxiety; she is most interested in the interaction of these themes within our society and belief systems.  In an upcoming show at Trocadero Artspace in Footscray beginning on the 28th of November 2012, she addresses them directly through the invention and creation of her ‘Surrogate Comfort Units’ that will interact with the works of three other artists as part of a show called ‘Keeping an Eye on Sexual Repression’ curated by Beiamin Snaath.  In the near and far future Lou intends to continue her exploration of the fruitful and various media available within the art world and to create further interactive and gently provoking installations for the enjoyment of all.  You may view her online visual journal at




  • 2007-2009, Bachelor of Visual Arts, Photomedia, Monash University

Group Exhibitions

  • 2011, “A matter of perception” at Collingwood Gallery, Collingwood
  • 2010, “Carrying baggage” at Trocadero Artspace, Footscray
  • 2010, “Toybox” at Trocadero Artspace, Footscray
  •  2010, “Wish You Were Here” at Trocadero Artspace, Footscray
  • 2010, “Collapsing Conditions”, Alliance Francais, StKilda
  • 2010, “Filtering Emotions”, LabX, StKilda
  • 2009, “Systems: religious, cultural and generational”, MSG (Monash Student Gallery), Caulfield
  • 2009 “Parallels”, MADCube, Caulfield.
  • 2008, “Masquerade”, MADCube, Caulfield.

Awards/ Scholarships 

  • 2009, Alliance Francais Award for a graduating Monash Student.
  • 2009, Kayell Australia Award for a graduating Monash Photomedia student.
  • 2006, VCE Season of Excellence 2006 Top Designs participant [visual communications]

Other Related Activities  

  • 2011, Photographer, Zeega Couture , Flinders.
  • 2010, (2010-2011) Soprano of blues band “No Dice Sister”.
  • 2010, Joint curator of “Papercuts” an exhibition at Trocadero Artspace, Footscray.
  • 2010, Volunteer, Red Girl Mosaics, Footscray
  • 2010, Archival Officer/committee member, Trocadero Artspace, Footscray
  • 2009, Performer, Engineering Music Society Choir, Melbourne
  • 2009, Committee member, Monash Art and Design Society, Monash Caulfield