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keith melder

Exhibition Ended Sunday 9 October. Works are still available for sale. Please email with your enquiry.

Keith has been working as a freelance creative in the advertising industry for over ten years. Highly motivated and driven by the need to constantly create, he has produced illustrations, animation, graphic design, photography and television commercials for a variety of retail brands.

Keith has been passionately pursuing photography as a personal art form for the past two years. A journey that began with walking the streets of Melbourne with his camera, where he fell in love with candid portraiture, has expanded into concept based portraits.

Subconsciously influenced by his career in advertising, his personal work tends to take on a slight pop art / commercial edge. However, his portraits eschew the cliches of traditional beauty to seek out the beauty in unconventional constructs – an item caught mid-air or the frozen moment of subjects colliding. As a result, Keith’s images invite you into a hidden surreal world usually lost to the human eye.

Keith maintains a sense of fun and spontaneity with his art but his dedication and high degree of discipline results in a well crafted image. He is developing a career as a fine artist and knows photography will play a large part.

Keith is the recipient of the international 2011 CannesLions / CannesAlso photography award judged by celebrated photographer Rankin.

Examples of Keith’s work appear above and below with many more works at one hundredth gallery until 9 October 2011.

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