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Kaliopy’s biography is underneath the images below.

Kisses from Down Under

Kaliopy’s current theme ‘Kisses From Down Under’ is a playful series of small contemporary art works of acrylic medium, painted with spatulas. The theme was initially inspired for a NY postcard show, ‘Wish you were here’. This unravelled after she was approached by renowned artist ‘Patrick Jennings Brady’ to partake in his famous Cig Art Project; a movement that has been running since the 1990s.

Kisses From Down Under (part 1) stems from Australian culture, life’s quirks, love and bonding from the other side of the world. Part 2 is set to be exhibited in 2012, though the theme itself will weave into other elements of life and perception.

Diaries of the Lioness

Kaliopy held two exhibitions in 2008 titled ‘Diaries Of The Lioness’. The exhibition was showcased in two separate parts. The theme originally came from the artist’s diary. It was then expanded to cover women in general; celebrating females sensuality, sexuality, and their life journies. Kaliopy worked on different layers of emotion and expression throughout this theme, moving from vulnerability, strength, seduction, and empowerment.

Often asked if models are involved, Kaliopy only creates her images from mood, feeling and imagination. Creating this body of work has  been self indulgent for the artist; as has the enjoyment of entertaining the audience through her pieces, from mere statement to something more controversial that will stir the viewer’s imagination.

one hundredth gallery is working as a sales agent for Kaliopy.

To enquire about, or purchase Kaliopy’s work, please contact Charles at one hundredth gallery at or 0413 00 1234.


Innovative and Contemporary young artist KALIOPY was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. With a passion for artistic expression, KALIOPY has been involved in various elements of media, events and the arts. As both artist and curator, KALIOPY operates in Melbourne and occasionally in New York, promoting, marketing and collaborating with International prolific artists as well as talents of emerging and local, whilst executing pieces of her own.

KALIOPY was never formally trained. Instead her natural talent for painting arrived as a correlation between an entertainment background and an ever-present fascination with drawing and fashion design. In earlier years, KALIOPY found artistic relief through music and dance, aspiring to be a performer. She fell into visual art for the mere pleasure of self-expression. After her first trail work ‘Still Silence’, she was addicted to creating further pieces, which has grown into multiple collections within the last short years. KALIOPY held 4 Solo shows both part I, II of ‘Diaries of the Lioness’ and ‘Kisses From Down Under” part I & II, plus exhibiting over 20 group shows in Australia and off shore.

KALIOPY has also collaborated works of recognized talents and just recently was short listed for an American multimedia project, in the making of musician and activist John Lennon. Handpicked by Journalist and Author Judith Furedi of her written ‘Lennon’ coffee table book collections: and John Schulte director and producer, also known for serving on the development team for the wildly popular ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’.

In addition to painting, KALIOPY is also a curator and arts columnist. She is the creative mind behind several art and entertainment columns, magazines and blogs, such as: Outsiders Window, 3M&RH, The New York Optimist, plus many others. Working alongside and (or) featuring, Interviewing, reviewing the likes of MTV award winner Andrea Fuentes, choreographer for Britney Spears. Celebrity designer Atsuko Kudo, maker of the ground breaking vinyl clothing fashion trend. Belgium erotic photographer Marc Lagrange famous for his exaggerated beauty portraits. Jamie McIntyre, business leader of the Millionaire Mindset and founder of 21st Century Education. Tony Ryan renowned for his Pumped Up Down Under calendars. Australian singing sensation Katie Underwood and Argentinean DJ Producer Sebastian Morxx just to name a few.

With art collectors of her works based in Australia and United States, KALIOPY is also growing a strong cult following of art enthusiasts. KALIOPY, the mastermind behind ‘Open Kitchen’ and latest exhibition to launch, entitled ‘Three Men & A red Head’, includes pieces by KALIOPY along with three internationally renowned artists: Patrick Jennings Brady, Thomas Delohery and Otto Boron.

KALIOPY’s paintings are the result of inspirations gathered from mood, feeling, personal experience, fashion, dance and imagination. Her works depict strong feminine influences coupled with sheer sensuality. Her pieces display strong experimentations with paints while remaining in a contemporary theme. Creating this body of work, is a self-indulging process for KALIOPY. Her mission is to entertain the audience while moving from mere statement to something more controversial that will stir the viewer’s imagination.