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john holding

By using subtle layering in camera and computer, John captures a unique perspective on the use of notation to communicate.  Each image, whilst recognisable as music or words, blurs the distinct into a subtle mystery. Rendering the subject unreadable but retaining the beauty of communication in its varied forms.

Since retirement John has embarked upon a journey of rediscovering his love of photography; willing to experiment and explore the many aspects that the discipline offers.  After successful exhibitions of his Suburban Botanicals at a number of locations along with a yearly appearance at the ‘Shot In The Heart Of Melbourne’ street collective, John looked to try further experimentation in photography.  After developing  his technical skills in layering photographs on clocks, street maps, and accompanying street scenes, John decided to blend pages of music and sections of books.  The result is the collection that you are viewing today.

one hundredth gallery is proud to be working as a sales agent for John Holding.

To enquire about, or purchase John’s artwork, please contact Charles at one hundredth gallery at or 0413 00 1234.



  • 2015 Tacit Gallery
  • 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 SITHOM street collective (Victorian Artist Society)
  • 2014 Thousand Steps Cafe
  • 2013 Seasons Restaurant
  • 2013 MGA Ramp Gallery
  • 2012 Sofitel Atrium Gallery