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gordon hayward

H U M A N   M E N A G E R I E

one hundredth gallery @ sidearm

200 Normanby Road South Melbourne

Open 7am – 4pm | Monday to Friday

Menagerie: a collection of wild animals kept in captivity for exhibition.

The collection is a light-hearted satire on human and animal behaviour (that can be extended to humans) and the blurred differences between the two. For example the vulture sculpture is a spin off on humans (some) who becomes very interested in family affairs when death is looming. It is said: “They act like vultures”, which is ironic how society belittle animal behaviour (since a vulture plays a crucial role in our ecosystem) to make our own ill-fitting behaviour acceptable. Ego seems to set human kind apart from the animal kingdom but in actual fact lots of similarities are shared.

Gordon Hayward

Gordon Hayward was born in South Africa and arrived in Australia in 2013. He studied at the Vaal -University of Technology and received his BA degree in fine arts printmaking in 1998. His inspiration really comes from all over. Gordon was always fascinated by mythical creatures that can be found from the beginning of time in different cultures and religions. Working with clay, paint and digital forms before any idea forms lends itself to inspiration, energy, shapes, ideas and finally the birth of his artworks that wants to exist beyond the boundaries of his mind. He believes art plays a vital role in shining light on emotions feelings and issues that cannot always be explained in words successfully. His work is open to interpretation, art speaks to people in different ways as we all draw from different references and experiences when making conclusions to what an art work might convey.

He’s outlook on he’s artistic life is as follows: it takes lots and lots of perseverance and a passion for life and beauty since this is the food for one’s creative soul. It is imperative to have a constant desire to challenge one’s self emotionally and spiritually and to not be afraid to push the boundaries in seeking to express artistic views and ideals. Most importantly, never hide who you really are. Be proud of everything that makes you unique and use these qualities to shine. You will never fully be appreciated by other if you are not honest and open with yourself. To quote Shakespeare: “To thine own self be true and it must follow as the night and day. Thou canst not then be false to any man”.

one hundredth gallery is proud to be working as a sales agent for Gordon Hayward.

To inquire about, or purchase Gordon’s artwork, please contact Charles at one hundredth gallery at or 0413 00 1234.




  • Bachelors of Technology Degree (Fine Arts) Vaal University of Technology


  • 2012 Sasol New Signatures
  • 2012 Absa L Atelier
  • 2010-2011 Carol Boyes competition
  • 2006 Cafe Arte Pretoria
  • 2005 Décor World Sandton
  • 2004 Gallagher Estate Midrand
  • 2001 NEC Birmingham (UK) gift show
  • 2000 Sarcda trade show
  • 1999 Garden World
  • 1995-1998 Annual student exhibition
  • 1996-1997  Pretoria Art Gallery (PPC Cement Exhibition)
  • 1994 Vanderbijlpark Library

Commission Work

  • 2013 Todd Stuart (Mainartery)
  • 2012 Julia Halamandres, Interior Decorator
  • 2009 Julia Halamandres, Interior Decorator
  • 2005 Life Day Spa Fourways
  • 2005 Coca Cola, South Africa


  • 1996 Merit price for best sculpture at Vaal University of Technology