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georgia laughton

Painting and photography; is it possible to adore both? Or does it just show a stubborn unwillingness to commit to one thing? Whether it’s in her home town of Melbourne or travelling overseas; wandering unknown streets and having adventures with her camera is Georgia Laughton’s favourite way to make art… unless it conflicts with her ongoing urge to stay inside and paint. Either way, she says, exploration is essential, “from exploration of the planet to exploring those dark little corners of my brain”.

Animal rights, environmental issues, and body image are all themes in Georgia’s work, expressed in such diverse works as paintings of animals wearing gas masks, eerie photographs of fish markets, and mixed-media images of beautiful fat women, as well as abstract works that focus on spirals, colour and shape.

“Beauty is in everything,” she says. “Look close into what’s defined as ugly and beauty is always there.

one hundredth gallery is proud to be working as a sales agent for Georgia Laughton.

To inquire about, or purchase Georgia’s artwork, please contact Charles at one hundredth gallery at or 0413 00 1234.