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deanne jolley

Exhibition has now ended, however artworks are still available for sale. Please email with your enquiry.

Ambiguous Fragility  | 16 November – 25 November 2012

Opening  Night | 6.00pm Thursday 15 November 2012

A show by Deanne Jolley, Jessie Imam, Jess Wilson and Louise Molesworth

Deanne Jolley has been on the emerging artists scene in Melbourne for the past several years, specialising in printmaking while applying digital applications. Whilst portraying concepts of a philosophical nature, Jolley focuses on the personalities of the self and its relationship to the other.  Ultimately, her exploration of personalities is a journey through life and the conflicts we all face; both internally and externally.

Jolley’s mysterious images in her featured bubble wrap series force us to consider how our environments and circumstances affect us. They evoke immediate feelings of awkwardness, and lead us to contemplate how they got themselves into this position. Jolley expresses that each little bubble represents an element in our lives that attempts to control us. Each single bubble joins with the others to form a psychological straightjacket. It secures the individual in a tightly bound cocoon of a man-made material that traditionally serves to protect. With the notion of bubble-wrap’s protective qualities in mind, its contradictory and sinister role in these images is made even more disturbing as it appears to take over its host. These constrictors are representative of the controlling aspects of our lives; jobs, money, or our relationships. Whilst references to bubble wrap conventionally suggest safety for the fragile, the wrap has turned into something that threatens their existence. However, Jolley’s images also lead the audience to consider the endless possibilities and adventures that exist beyond these confines. Although we may feel somewhat restrained at times, the possibilities for change and discover a new sense of self are endless.

The work forces us to stop and consider whether our lives are in control. Do we really live our lives according to our personal ideals and dreams, or is the way we live being dictated by external forces that are beyond our control? There is a moment in Jolley’s work that becomes reflective and optimistic about the future of these figures. The body has become used to the wrapping, but in doing so claims it as their own and moves into a future filled with hopefulness. While we can live and adapt to deal with the constricting demands in life, to embrace what we have been dealt and to grow from the experience is desired.





  • 2008 – 2010, Bachelor of Fine arts: Printmedia Monash Univisity Caulfield
  • 2006 – 2007, Diploma of Arts: Visual Arts Homesglen TAFE Morrabbin
  • 2005, Rmit University Folio Preparation in Visual Arts

Selected Exhibitions

  • 2012, Brunswick Street Gallery Solo Exhibition. Retrace your Steps
  • 2012, Trocadero ‘Where Do We Go From Hear” Group Show
  • 2011, Trocadero fund raiser show for 2012
  • 2011, Death Be Kind – The Rest is Silence. Group closing show for the galleries closure
  • 2011, Obscura Gallery, Group/ Solo show, Discovery
  • 2011, Obscura Gallery, Natasha Lubis & Intro Show
  • 2011, Brunswick Art Space, 20.11 Prize Group Show
  • 2011, Frankston Art Center. Artist Books Group Show. Young Books
  • 2010, Trocadero Art Space Gallery Footscray, Paper cuts, group paper based exhibition
  • 2010, Graduate Exhibition Monash Univisity Caufield, Group Show
  • 2010, Link Space Monash Univisity Caufield, Reproduction Printmaking Group Show
  • 2010, Link Space Monash Univisity Caufield, Looks can be Deceiving Solo show
  • 2009, Post card swap exhibition 15th Tallinn Print Triennial “For Love Not Money” in Estonia
  • 2008, Nuts About Life, Civic Center art space Narree Warren. Solo Show
  • 2007, Participation in a group shows, Anything that Hangs at the Mordialloc community center
  • 2007, Participation in a group graduating show White Stone at Homesglen gallery in Moorabbin
  • 2007, Participation in a group printmaking show Lines and Wine at wine justice Sandringham


  • 2011, Brunswick Art Space, 20.11 Prize Group Show, Peoples Choice Award
  • 2007, Art award for achievement received at the graduating art show White Stone


  • 2012, International Contemporary Artist publication Vol 4 – featured spread of selected works