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C O N T I N U U M  –  Works on Paper 2011 – 2014 by Miriam Morris

one hundredth gallery @ sidearm

200 Normanby Road South Melbourne

Open 7am – 4pm | Monday to Friday

Continuum – anything that goes through a gradual transition from one condition to a different condition without any abrupt changes.

Continuity, perpetuity, sequence, continuing, continuance.

Marks on paper take innumerable forms. In the case of art abstraction, the field is mostly dependent on the perception of the viewer. When the marks are in part figurative, there may well be ambivalence akin to teasing in order to stimulate the imagination.

I usually name my drawings and paintings after the event. When I ask others to do the same, there are often widely divergent titles.  When naming one particular drawing for Continuum, a certain man of words criticized me, saying that the name would rob the artwork of any resonance beyond the words, thereby narrowing the viewer’s appreciation. Needless to say, the drawing was renamed!

I pursue a dual career as an artist and as a musician specializing in baroque and renaissance music. However much I might know about early music performance practice, my playing must to some extent be influenced by the music I play and have heard of other styles and periods. In terms of my drawing and painting, this is certainly true.

The ‘man of words’ introduced me to the works of Piet Mondrian in 2002, hence the grids that form the basis of many of the Continuum drawings and other paintings since that time.

Early in his artistic career, M.C. Escher was influenced by the highly complex Islamic decorations that he discovered in the grand 14th century Alhambra palace in Granada, Spain.  I am, in turn, still relishing Escher’s influence and am open to where it might lead me in future works.