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Paul K Lynch | 19 – 28 October 2012

Opening Night | 6.00pm Thursday 18 October

This collection of work holds two main themes: a failing of connection, and the loss of our own emotions. Put more simply it’s about dehumanization.  Most of this series is painted in the style of portraiture but with the removal of the trappings we use to connect to the subject as human.

Once a person has had their humanity stripped from them we are open to projecting our hates, our fears or even our desires on to them.

I’ve adapted to almost exclusively painting in oils, using very thin layers to slowly build up the image, always keeping my colour schemes monochromatic with a strong emphasis on bold reds.  I try to keep my imagery simplistic but poignant, aiming to tap into deeper instinctive emotions within the viewer.

This collection represents my developing work from over the last three years, but is also a reflection of everything that has taken me to this point.