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chris duffy

Exhibition Ended Sunday 19 February 2012. Works are still available for sale. Please email me with your enquiry.

10 February – 19 February 2012

Official Opening | Saturday 11 February 12pm – 2pm

Born 1966 in Melbourne Australia to an Irish father & Polish mother, Chris moved to London in 1970 and lived there until 1988. Chris returned to Australia after working  double shifts at the local pub to save money for the airfare. Since returning to Australia he has  worked in the construction industry, sales, & at a funeral parlour.

Whilst having a love of art through out his life, he attended La Trobe University in Bendigo as a mature aged student in 1997 after completing the first year of a Fine Arts Diploma at Benalla TAFE.

A friend convinced me to join the local art group & try for my diploma, reluctantly I did but after just two weeks I knew I had found my calling in life and art was the only path for me. I was one of those kids who, if I wasn’t kicking a football I would be drawing. Often I would wag school to visit London’s great galleries or museums where I would copy (mostly) Rubens nudes in my text books or just stare for hours at the magnificent art on the walls. The smell of ‘old’ paint and the awestruck wonder of this experience is something that has always stayed with me….I have never known to ‘not’ want to draw or paint. Chris Duffy

Primarily Chris Duffy’s work is concerned with eroticism, reality, sensualism and colour. Chris says a recent highlight was an artist residency at a working brothel in Melbourne, ‘All the senses in overdrive tingling, nervous, watching from the shadows, the sideways glances, titillating & in a flux of constant arousal. At times funny & sometimes frightening! It was a real privilege to witness that world & paint within it. Also, I feel the work I completed during my stay there is my best to date’.