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carol mccormack

Carol McCormack is based in south-west Queensland and has spent most of her life on remote properties west of the Dividing Range.

This artist’s work is about her long-standing connection with the Australian landscape. She deeply understands the moods, colours and stark ‘bare bones’ of the outback and says that living and working on the land has created an intimate relationship with every part of it. Carol’s paintings deal with the frameworks of landscape, the patterns, rhythms, and above all the colours.

In addition to raising a family and working on the property, Carol spent many years as a volunteer at Myall Park Botanic Gardens near her home. Interpretive work here provided her with an intimate knowledge of plant and animal life. She retired from her position on the board of directors to devote more time to her arts practice.

From a personal viewpoint, Carol finds her need to record untouched landscape is becoming urgent. We live in uncertain times – so much of our country is either being ‘developed’ to cope with a rocketing population or plundered for its mineral wealth. This results in ugly scars, questionable water quality, vast areas of concrete, dams and tarmac – and diminishing biodiversity. Heeding this message, she travels widely with paints and rolls of canvas through some of the more remote regions of Australia, often using the vehicle as her studio as she travels from place to place.

Carol was trained by Mervyn Moriarty and several other tutors in the early days of the well-known Flying Arts School which still brings art tuition to outback locations. Carol has held many solo and group exhibitions in Brisbane, Toowoomba and regional galleries, and has been involved in several public art projects in her area.

one hundredth gallery is working as a sales agent for Carol McCormack.

To enquire about, or purchase Carol’s artwork, please contact Charles at one hundredth gallery at or 0413 00 1234.