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andrea drury

My Australia: stories and images from recent migration and post refugee life in Australia

Australia accepts around one hundred and twenty thousand new migrants every year; of whom around fourteen thousand are refugees. Many recent migrants face challenges when they arrive: the language barrier, adjusting to a new society and culture, making new friends and their qualifications not being recognised. Often those coming from refugee backgrounds face additional challenges. Many have never dealt with financial systems such as banks and electrical billing companies. Some who have spent many years in refugee camps have never really had to use money at all.

Others have never had the need to drive in their home countries. Recent migrants and ex-refugees often experience racism, in the form of negative media stereotypes, which can unfortunately become popular opinion. Despite these challenges many recent migrants and refugees are resilient, determined and amazing people finding their place in our culture and adding to our society.

I would like to say a special thanks to all the people who were part of the project, for sharing their stories and time with me. I would also like to thank Spectrum MigrantĀ Resource Centre, Fitzroy Learning Network and The Sunshine Heights Western Tigers, without whom the Project would never have got up and running.

Andrea Drury: Artist Statement

I am fascinated by different cultures and societies. I am concerned with social issues affecting our fellow human beings, both here in Australia and in the global community. Both have a large impact on my practice. Through documentary photography I explore the things we all have in common, the things that make us human and the things that make us different as individuals or as a collective culture.

My style has developed over the last few years through my degree at Sydney College of the Arts and honours at RMIT as well as my personal projects undertaken inĀ Guatemala and Australia.

I use photography to draw attention to social issues and make comment on particular situations. I want to show people worlds that would otherwise remain hidden or unnoticed by them, to show the humanity in all of us and to make the viewer think about broader social issues. By working closely with the people in the photographs, I strive to tell the stories as best I can. I try to understand how they see themselves and in turn project this into the images.

All content on this page (not limited to art works, pictures, photography, writing and graphics) remains the intellectual property of Andrea Drury and is protected under the Australian Commonwealth Copyright Act 1968 (Cth). No use is permitted without the expressed written consent of Andrea Drury. For more information on copyright, please visit