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adriana seserko

Exhibition Ended Sunday 27 May 2012. Some works are still available for sale. Please email with your enquiry.

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words – Exhibition extended to 27 May 2012!

Opening Night | Thursday 3 May 6 – 8pm

In her first solo exhibition, Canberra-based painter, Adriana Seserko will be exhibiting a collection of her highly-skilled and thought-provoking paintings.


artist statement

Upon being asked to write an artist statement, I found myself to be lost for words. I pondered over what it was that I wished to convey, what exactly art meant to me. Yet as simple as I knew the answer to be, I still could not find a way to put it down on paper. The answer as I discovered should have come as no surprise. Art is my soul and I could simply not exist without it. I paint so that my dreams like reality are tangible. I paint often not because I wish too but for the reason that I must. In a trance I am compelled to create, I have no control over it nor do I wish to. The rawest form of expression can be found in my paintings. Free from pretense, every sense of my being is embodied, each brushstroke a word in the story of my life.

Combining contemporary and traditional motifs with a myriad of art movements, my paintings delve into the unknown, exposing every facet of the human condition. Figurative, the characters portrayed in my paintings are a projection of life in the 21st century. From the monstrous to the angelic, humanity is made up of both light and shadow. The austerities of life clash with human ideals, leaving man feeling both vulnerable and exposed. Through my art I express the triumph and decay of the human spirit, whilst also questioning the very essence of life.

To enquire about, or reserve Adriana’s work, please contact Charles at one hundredth gallery at or 0413 00 1234.